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Questions about multiple resorts

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Hi everyone. So I was planning on getting married at the Iberostar Lindo. We are still considering this. But I am trying to look at other places due to some changes the Lindo may have made.

But There are so many!

So I was wondering if any of you know of some places I should look with these qualifications-

Ceremony on the beach

I really want the reception dinner included in the package

Kid friendly

I've done some looking into of the Gran Caribe, and like it. But the only private reception is for 3 hours in the 3700 dollar and that only includes 24 photos. Does anyone know what their photo packages are like and how the photos themselves are?

I also like the Dream Cancun, but am having trouble finding the photo packages- or at least getting prices on them (anyone have them?)

Thanks for any ideas!

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