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FI's sister issue

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#11 Islandbride2b

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    Posted 27 August 2009 - 12:49 PM

    so im sorry to hear about all the issues at hand, and im not sure what state you are in or if you have all the facts.. but i do know that in mo.. if there hasnt been court at all and there isnt a set custody arangement by the court yet, she doesnt have to have him sign anything to leave the country. I do understand that she needs his john handcock for the passport in order to obtain one. This mater can be taken care of very easly by a judge.. before the devorce is even processed, and it shouldnt cost much to have a lawyer wright it up in order for her to get his sig. I know what year dealing with.. we have had this same issue in the past and it isnt fun. But on that note.. she married this man and this man is the father of her child, putting all childish reason behind her would prob. be in the best intrest of their child. The child shouldnt feel the stress there is between them two. She married him and made a family with him.. leaveing the daughter behind with her father shouldnt be such a big deal.. if they are acting like grown ups!! (sorry not trying to step on toes.. i just get frustrated when parents going through a divorce act so childish for their own shelfish reasons. My ex and I get along great. I guess we are one of the lucky ones.)

    Good luck i wish you a happy wedding and I hope that all your family whom you want there to be able to attend. Congrats!!

    #12 Kristy!


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      Posted 27 August 2009 - 01:52 PM

      There are obviously some major trust issues. He doesn't trust his wife with their daughter and she doesn't trust him with their daughter. I agree with Islandbride...until they grow up, nothing is going to get resolved. You can't let this situation get you down. It's not your fault and neither you or FI should be blamed for it.

      #13 SSNM

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        Posted 28 August 2009 - 01:01 PM

        I agree with the last two posts; just move on. It would be a perfect world if she and her daughter could come and her husband be cooperative but it sounds like they have some serious issues to contend with and really you can't make it your problem...well you can, but seriously, there is nothing you could do anyway. Ignore her quibbles about you not having a local wedding. Her problems are not yours and you should be able to have the wedding you want.

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