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Dreams Riviera Cancun - Brides post here (new thread)

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#681 chirorach

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    Posted 14 December 2009 - 03:08 PM

    Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl
    Ok, I just looked again and they are there. Maybe they were doing maitenance on the site. It said 105 reviews (17 showing).

    Oh well, I don't know what happened, but I am glad those reviews were not deleted.
    There is something funny going on for sure Jen. But on the bright side, I just checked and there are now only 2 poor reviews instead of 3 :-) It is nice to see the good reviews coming in! The more the better!

    #682 carinagirl

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      Posted 14 December 2009 - 06:41 PM

      Hi Ladies,
      Does anyone of the pricelist for spa services? I would like to tell my bridesmaids how much hair/make up is should they decide they want to have it done.
      Forgive me if this is posted somewhere, I am just too busy right now to look through the history. I also cannot open attachements, so if someone does have it - kindly email me at [email removed]. Thanks in advance!

      #683 SDbeachgirl

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        Posted 14 December 2009 - 11:06 PM

        Originally Posted by carinagirl
        Hi Ladies,
        Does anyone of the pricelist for spa services? I would like to tell my bridesmaids how much hair/make up is should they decide they want to have it done.
        Forgive me if this is posted somewhere, I am just too busy right now to look through the history. I also cannot open attachements, so if someone does have it - kindly email me at [email removed]. Thanks in advance!
        I emailed them to you. I'll attach it to this thread for anyone else who is interested.

        Attachment 4403

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        #684 SDbeachgirl

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          Posted 14 December 2009 - 11:09 PM

          On the Spa list there are two items: Hair Design ($40) and Hair Style ($60). Does anyone know what the difference is?

          #685 normajeane77

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            Posted 14 December 2009 - 11:28 PM

            Thanks a lot for the info!

            #686 ebernard4985

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              Posted 15 December 2009 - 11:31 AM

              Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl
              What are you all doing for decorations and centerpieces at the reception? What are you using for lighting? I saw some new pictures on Facebook and it looks really dark. We will use the lights under the tables and tiki torches, but those were both used in the photos on FB and it still looks dark.
              I am not sure what I am doing for lighting.... I kind of like the dark atmosphere, it is more romantic. I think I will use the lights under the table. I am having my reception on the pool deck and from the pictures Ana sent me it does not seem to dark. I am hoping the light from the pool area helps as well. I am using rectangular tables for the reception, they will be set up in a large square with the dance floor in the middle and guests all sitting facing the dance floor. For "centerpieces" I am using a long organza table runner and decorating it with starfish, seashells, candles, sea glass, ect. I am also doing small square vases with limes in them and bright pink flowers. There is a costco in Cancun where I plan to buy some bulk flowers and make the vases myself.

              #687 taranyc

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                Posted 15 December 2009 - 03:02 PM

                hi everyone. we just got back from our weekend at dreams riviera cancun...we set it up with ana to view the site, etc. for our sept. 26th, 2010 wedding (our location and date are now changed).

                arriving onsite, i was immediately happy about our decision to have our wedding at drc...the lobby was amazingly beautiful and i loved our room. everything changed when i saw the pool area and beach. all along i've been like, "those reviews cannot be right...we're different, it's going to be great regardless of the look of the pavilion...the site can't be that bad" etc. i was wrong. here are my impressions of the site and what lead us to rent a car, drive an hour farther down to dreams tulum and book our wedding there.

                pool area/pavilion
                to begin with, the pavilion is right on top of the pool area. no matter what, you are going to have people all around you. in addition, the barracuda bar is right below it...just next to the huge kids playground swing set. the pavilion area is so small and the strange thing that you stand under looks even smaller in person. You’re there, you’re getting married and just below you are tourists on swings, people in bikinis (that shouldn’t be in bikinis), kids in the pool, chairs everywhere with rust orange towels on them…it’s just not nice…not for your wedding…and especially not if because you are paying for a wedding and all of your guests are paying to stay there as well.
                the nice thing is that the palm trees have metal star lanterns hanging from them and they look beautiful at night…actually, the whole pool area is pretty at night and most of the people are gone by sundown…but the sure are there when you’re saying your vows. we saw a couple of receptions out there and they looked nice (on the pool deck). they will add lighting if you ask for it…one reception had a buffet and all along it were the hanging tin stars behind a thin gauze of light blue silk…it was really pretty.

                we had the opportunity to see a wedding on the beach (the first row of chairs were not removed yet). It was a small wedding (appx. 10-15 people), but they were right on top of the guests lounging in the sun. there was an older man sitting right next to the wedding in a speed-o…just too much. the best part was when the group of drunk 40-somethings walked by (mid-ceremony) in nothing buy their bikinis, frozen drinks in hand and started to woo hoo. it’s just not my thing and that pretty much put the nail in the coffin regarding my wedding at drc. I cannot begin to tell you how upset I was over all of this. I remember when I first found the resort…I was so excited, it looked so perfect online.

                one thing…i’ve read that there is a more private place to have the ceremony, but I did not see that on the beach. The beach itself is rather small and very packed. Note…the ceremony area is just off the palapa rows next to the kids swing set/slide area.

                in the end, we didn’t even meet with ana…we knew our first day that this was not the place for us. I would suggest that you do a site tour (if you can…ana will work with you on rates for the weekend visit).

                we ended up going down to dreams tulum (we had visited once before) and met with aurora who gave us a tour. the beach site is great because it’s away from the crowd…there are so many options for the reception…ooh, and there is a beautiful chapel that looks like rustic mexico (I don’t think it even needs decoration inside). dreams tulum felt more fun and lively than drc (I’m not sure how to describe it...drc was just blah) and the beach is larger. while beautiful, the resort and it’s wedding areas seemed so cramped and overcrowded…it wasn’t even at full capacity. the guests I saw (during the wedding at drc) couldn’t have care less that someone was getting married…they just sat there, had phone conversations, ordered drinks…it was so sad.

                I’m sorry to go on…I wrestled with how much I should say. this has been a great thread and I’m sorry to leave it…the drc brides have been a great resource for info and ideas. thank you all! xo, tara

                #688 EmmaGaussoin

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                  Posted 15 December 2009 - 04:39 PM

                  This makes me so nervous now! My guests have already started to book so there is no turning back now! Tara, is there anyway that the ceremony could be more quiet if you reserved the palapas right in front of the ceremony site? Also, about what time do people start heading back to their rooms to get ready for dinner? My ceremony is at 5 so I was hoping that would be late enough to start thinning the crowds.

                  I'm sorry to hear that you had to change everything and you weren't happy about drc but thank you for the honest review. We stressed out brides need to hear reality sometimes even though we want the picture perfect wedding.

                  #689 lilly129

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                    Posted 15 December 2009 - 05:00 PM

                    Tara I'm so sorry to hear you had to change and I'm sorry you're leaving the forum - but your wedding will be amazing and what's most important is that you and your fiance are happy with where you decide to get married. Tara - did you tell Ana that you chose to move it Tulum because of the privacy issue? I think the resort needs to know thier losing business over this issue.

                    I think for those of us who stay with DRC - the best idea is to continue to express our concerns about icky speedo clad men and woowhoo-ing drunkies to Ana the resort is going to have to come up with a solution.

                    My reception is also on the pool deck - I was planning on doing the tiki torches and the lights under the tables and then I was wondering about some kind of lights or lanterns. I'm just not sure if we can do that on the deck.

                    #690 taranyc

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                      Posted 15 December 2009 - 05:37 PM

                      Thank you Emma and Lilly for your nice thoughts. I am really happy that in the end everything worked out. I am going to let Ana know about all my feelings regarding our stay.

                      Guests start to leave the pool area around sunset for dinner. most places start to serve earlier and they do get a rush...but the restaurants are not filling to capacity yet as to allow service to get better. (ie. we got a 2 hr wait at portofino...they were only filling 1/3 to 2/3 of the seats at all times) Around 5:30--6p the pool is clear as there really isn't much to do there once the sun goes down. One reception was happening on the pool deck while the resorts rock band played over near the beach bar...that was a little strange...but the reception just turned up their music.

                      i think that it would be a good idea for drc to move the beach wedding area to where they keep the water sports items (kayaks, trampoline, etc). it's away from the bar, behind some trees and although there are lounge chairs there, no one seemed to be in them. it just felt more secluded.

                      regarding the reception, they will let you do lanterns, hanging lights, tiki torches, etc. the planner at dreams tulum said that they were willing to do whatever we wanted...they will charge for the extra work...i'm pretty sure it's the same across the board...it's just a matter of making your wants clear to ana and keeping the emails where she agreed. :)

                      honestly, the best part is how well the resort (drc) seems to handle the receptions. they were in held the middle of things, but were still private and looked really pretty!!!


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