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  1. Hi there. I purchased them from Knee Knockers on Etsy. xxoo, tt
  2. Four more days till we leave for our 9/25 wedding! I'm so excited and cannot wait! Just thinking about the last minute items on my list...will knock them out tomorrow at work. Oops! I'll post my review and planning thread when I get back. Oxoxoxxo, Tara
  3. Congratulations! Awesome planning thread. You've done an amazing job and look gorgeous in your dress. Can't wait to see photos!! Xo t
  4. taranyc

    September 2010 Brides!

    Congrats to all of the sept brides!! Xooxox, Tara
  5. taranyc

    September 2010 Brides!

    Congratulations MNH! Can't wait to see pictures. Xo, Tt
  6. taranyc

    September 2010 Brides!

    I cannot believe that we are all under the 20 day mark! So exciting! Carolina...sorry to hear about your bridesmaid, that just stinks! Sometimes friends think they are doing the right thing by not telling us bad news sooner...if only they understood the stress they add by waiting so long. We don't leave for tulum till Thursday the 23rd, but I took off Tuesday and Wednesday to pack, etc. I've sent a ton down to my family in Florida to pack for me. Mostly the welcome bag stuff. My third fitting is on the 14th and other than that, I'm pretty much ready to go. I'm so excited and nervous. Love to you all!!! Tt
  7. Hi there. I was wondering if any of you have been to dreams lately. My wedding is on the 25th and I am stressing over candles. Yep, candles. I really would prefer having real candles...the light they put off is so much more flattering. If it's windy, then the flameless ones would be best...but the amber ones don't giver off a lot of light (yet are prettier than bright white). Thanks!! Tt
  8. Awesome planning journal. Thank you for posting it!!!! Tt
  9. Everything looks awesome. I love your dress! Thanks for sharing. Tt
  10. I don't think anyone was necessarily complaining...just asking for suggestions. I love the new look and features on this site, they are great. I don't think that a week goes by that I don't bring up bdw and how awesome it is! I just wanted to say that I loved that I was able to go and read all the reviews in one place (posted one after another). I still go back to the review section for some of my faves. I'm sure we will all get used to the new way, but i've found it a little harder to do. Thank you for the suggestions, il try them out. Thank you for the site!!! Tt
  11. taranyc

    September 2010 Brides!

    Quote:Originally Posted by mrs.timpone Crisis avoided!! Â I sent and email to the vendor and she took care of the problem........here is the new corrected bouquet that I love!!! Â Your bouquet is really pretty. I was going to say that the before pic just needed more flowers. I know I would have the same reaction you did if they looked different than what I ordered. Im glad that it all worked out....they are gorgeous!! Tt
  12. It says that that thread is closed: Â This Wedding Review section is closed to new Reviews. Please use the new review sections to post your reviews. You can post your review of your resort/villa or you wedding vendor. If your resort or wedding vendor is not listed, you can add them, or pm me to add it. Â Â It's the "new review sections" that I cannot find. I really liked the fact that I could see everyone's reviews and not have to read through the individual location threads in order to see pics of the ceremony, reception, etc. tt
  13. Hi. I really think that the upgrade to the site is beautiful, but I can't find the new wedding review section. How do I find it? Thank you, Tara
  14. taranyc

    September 2010 Brides!

    Mnh and mrs. Timpone...your showers looked like they were lots of fun! My shower is next Saturday the 21st...I'm really looking forward to see all of my friends and family. Yippee!! I'm sitting here working on more projects for the wedding...I cannot wait to be done!! I still have 10 people that haven't rsvp'd...um, that's a table...oh well, I'm trying not to stress. I still have a few weeks. On a funny note, the other day I looked on the dreams tulum fb page and the first post onthe pace was by my wedding twin. I have been wondering forever who the other bride was in my day...and there she was. Anyhow, I'm a total nerd and I got so excited that I actually signed back on to fb so I could post a reply to her. How is everything coming along for the rest of you? Xoxo, Tt
  15. taranyc

    September 2010 Brides!

    Quote:Originally Posted by carolina24 ladies...we're getting married NEXT month!!! HOLY CRAP!!! hope we're all ready I know...so exciting!! So many little things still to do. Tt