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FS- Plastic Bottles for Message In A Bottle Invites

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Hi Girls,


I have about 50-60 plastic bottles for Message In a Bottle Invites. I bought these from another bride, but have decided to go with something different. I'm not sure the exact count, but there are about 60. They come with the corks, and I also bought some plastic heat shrink to seal the tops, so you can just send them in the mail, no box necessary. I took the to the post office to check and make sure. I want to let you know the bottles are a little yellow tinged, but I have soaked these to get off all excess residue, so they are clean and ready to go. I thought the yellowing added character, and since I was reusing, I was also being green!


I'm asking $45 + shipping, which I'm estimating to be around $15. The heat shrink alone was about $20, so you''re getting an amazing deal! I'll also accept offers, Thanks girls!



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