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Amy&Andy's romantic...almost disasterous story!

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I'm going to copy and paste the story that Andy had e-mailed right after our trip...with my little comments pasted in for my buddies later. It's funny hearing it from his perspective with mine also.......



Okay so it went down like this....I am giving the entire story, its

long so

I apologize...


We went to Victoria for the weekend. Friday night I went home instead

of to

the gym and cleaned the entire house so we would not have to do it on

Sunday (Thank god because we were so hungover!)

when we got back. That night I told her it is "Amy's Birthday Weekend

Extravaganza" and I gave her one of four presents. (I needed a way to


her off the trail that I might propose up there, so I got her a bunch


presents thinking she would never guess I had a ring) She opened up a

present with some nice lotions from Este Lauder or something. Then


morning we woke up nice and early and I gave her the next present. I


created an itinerary of our trip. The entire last three weeks I had


playing it off that we didn't really know what we were going to


eating dinner, what to do etc....(it is the attachment) and it was

quite the

surprise. All of these pics have meaning to them. The luggage is our

luggage, the coffee cup are the cups we use at the lake, the pics are

all of

places we were going to go to, actual hotel pic, etc....She was really

impressed! I told her that she can draw and make scrap books but I use


computer! (It's so cute! He actually found pictures of my Dianne Von F. luggage!)

So we went to Victoria, it was rainy and cold....we wore spring

clothes..bad (I was wearing a little white eyelet blouse and brown pants which were soaked on the bottom, gold shoes and jewelery which Andy said he noticed and freaked out when I showed him my outfit since he was giving me a platinum ring!)choice...we caught a taxi up to the hotel...the pesos in my pocket


got left on the front seat of the cab (that will be explained later)


somehow I managed to see them out of the corner of my eye and opened


door and put them back in my pocket. We could not check in early so we


our bags there, grabbed a quick snack at the restaurant there and I got


fishing license for the year across the street while she was getting

dry by

the fireplace in the lobby.


We got directions to the bus stop from two different people to go up to

Butchart Gardens....the cab ride was supposedly $50 and I was like, I'm

taking the bus....the directions we got sent us on a mile and half walk


didn't produce a bus stop and we saw the bus drive right by us! Crap!


is wet, tired, and I had to call a cab....but we finally made it up

there a

little late but it worked out. (I can't beleive I actually was still in a good mood when we got there. I was wet...my curled hair was all messy, and I had to pee so bad it hurt!)I had the ring in a little holder in my

wallet. I used the restroom and got it out and in my pocket. Still


so carrying the umbrella, camera, everything was a pain in my ass.


My overall plan was to find a pond or fountain where we could make a


with the Peso's that I "accidentally" grabbed thinking they were


change. I had called a couple times in advance to go over the map with


staff member and it turns out the place they recommended I COULDN'T

find. I

am all stressed out as we are walking around the entire gardens and


getting to the end with no real good place to pop the question.


while in the Japanese garden, the last spot before you exit that area

had a

very nice private setting. Even Amy mentioned something like, ah, nice


private. (It was really beautiful. It's wiered that I even said something like, "what a cute little area" because it was the only place that was kind of private and secluded)

Well we waited for another couple to leave and then we went


there. She mentioned all of the coins in the pond and I said let's

make a

wish with these Peso's...we tossed them in together....well she made


wish out loud to have the weather clear up and the sun come out. I was


nervous I asked her what her wish was and she said "I said it out loud

already"....and I asked if she wanted to know mine. She told me "no"

since it

would not come true. I told her well you really don't want to know what I

wished for and she said no again.....I told her "well I am going to

tell you

what I wished for" I kissed her to give me a moment to think and I


down on one knee on the wet cement in the rain and said "I wished that


would say yes" and I got the ring out (no box) and I held it so close

to her

that she didn't see it at first and then she put her hands to her face,

heavy breathes, a couple tears, said something like "what, is this

happening??" and I said "marry me" She made me wait for sure....I was


one knee for what seemed like ten minutes....and she finally said yes


put the ring on. She was in total shock. I think she said something


I never thought this would happen. (The ring looked so huge when he was just holding it in his fingers that I couldn't really say anything I was in such shock. When he finally said Marry me and asked my answer I said yes...and it did seem like he was down there forever. Then we kissed and took pictures and were floating all the way to the gorgeous restaurant. We drank a whole bottle of champagne to calm our nerves...then bought another one on our way back to the hotel...and drank that. I'll leave the rest to your imagination...but let me tell you theres something about calling your man a fiance that is dang hot!!!!)

That is basically it for the


Oh I forgot, the Peso's were to signify our wedding which we want to

have in

Mexico. And the weather actually cleared up for the rest of the day


30 seconds after her wish!


We had lunch at the Dining Room Restaurant at the Gardens.... Local

sparkling wine and great food. We were both floating on clouds the

rest of

the day....almost like we were both drunk or something...total daze.


Dinner was still a surprise, I took her to Vista 18 which has a 140


view of Victoria and the water from our seats. Great food and really

actually cheaper than Port Angeles. Then we went to the Bengal Room at


Empress for a cocktail. And that is basically the end of it. Easter


closed everything down, which I had no idea before I made the plans and


ended up catching the morning ferry instead of the afternoon one.



Best personal regards,



Andrew S. Callis

Callis & Associates, Inc.

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What a great way to tell us your engagement story! That is certainly very romantic & memorable I am sure:)

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Holy!!! What a man, what a man!!! I can't believe he planned a whole weekend for you! lol, and I love that he found pictures of everything, including your exact luggage. That's too cute! wink.gif


Umm ya... that one made me cry when he said "I wished you'd say yes". THIS is why I love to read the stories, omg - I smile all the way through.... and both of your wishes came true!!

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I know! I was so impressed. Having to wait 4+ years for the ring he felt like he had to make it really special for me. I'll try to attach the itinerary (PDF) he made me; but it's saying it's too big.....any suggestionshuh.gif


It must have taken so long to find all of the meaningful pictures. Seriously all the pics are from some aspect of our lives. Finding my luggage...what a freak!


Also I have to feel bad for the poor guy seeing as how I can be such a brat when plans get off.....good thing I kept my cool:) I've been making him such thoughful presents since we started dating he knew I would appreciate something like what he made. It was such a great weekend....definately greatest memories ever!

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Great story, great guy, I'm so totally impressed that he noticed your outfit wouldn't match the ring, what guy notices that!!!LOL



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