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August 2010 Brides!

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Hello everyone,


I just joined and I am an August 20, 2010 Jamaica bride. We are getting married at Breezes Trelawny. Its a very small weddings so I dont have to much to do. Already booked and we well probably just have a semi-private dinner at one of the resorts its only about 19 including bride/groom. Only thing is i'm trying to figure out what to have for wedding favors thinking about getting mugs with our date and then stuffing it with little things but not sure. I'm not doing oot bags. Happy planning to everyone.


And dont worry to much about the weather I use to leave in south florida and my FI is from Jamiaca its not that bad you just never know. But its a great time of the year. Happy planning everyone.

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Hey ladies! I'm an August 14th, 2010 bride! My wedding is at The Royal in Cancun. I am starting to freak out about the weather. I was there in August of '08 and it was hot, but I don't remember how it was in evening (probably because I had mucho tequila by that time of day, lol). My ceremony will be outdoors in a gazebo at 4:30 pm, and reception is on the beach at 6:00 pm. I am hoping it will cool off enough to be comfortable! Keeping my fingers crossed that the ocean breeze will make for a beautiful evening on the beach.

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I can't believe my ticker is a little over 4 months!! WOW! Still have a lot to do...



Mail out invites in April

Pick venue for welcome dinner


Pick AHR decor


I guess its not too bad! How is everyone coming along?

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I know august2010bride, time seems like its flying now. i still got a lot to do with dress and finalizing what FI is going to wear, what my son is going to wear and other small little things. ALso still got to send off the paper work better get to that one fast. Hope to have that done by the first week in april. Happy planning to everyone. We will all soon be a Mrs. Thats just so weird to even say haha.

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Originally Posted by kwaits View Post
Jennyco116- Who is your photographer for your wedding day? I bet they can do a TTD session for you the next day for a good price. Most people I priced in that area were at least a couple hundred dollars ($500 and up) for the session depending on the amount of time you wanted.

P.S. Where are you having your ceremony and reception? Im getting married on Smather's Beach but haven't found a reception location yet.
Hi Kwaits...

We are getting married on Smathers Beach as well. I went with Weddings To Go Key West as our officiant/vendor because we have about 25 people coming and they provide up to 30 chairs at no additional cost. Our reception is booked at Conch Republic Seafood Co. and we chose this place because of 1) the ability to customize the menu buffet and 2) its right on the beautiful marina which is going to be gorgeous at sunset. They also have live music every night so that takes care of the DJ.

I booked Duane "Bongo D' Scott to play the steel drums at our ceremony and he only charges $250.

We went there last August just to get a feel for the weather and atmosphere and fell in love with the place. You get the best of both worlds with island life and the amenities of the mainland..LOL.

The only thing that I am concerned with now would be the hurricane forecast. It is predicted to be a record setting season...AARRGH

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Originally Posted by hunniebee724 View Post
Time is flying by, and I can't wait to marry my best friend!

We booked our cruise and ceremony/reception package (photography included) back in June.
DJ is booked.
We sent out our STD's.
Website is up.
We have 21 people booked for the cruise.
We did a registry with Carnival and one with Bed, Bath & Beyond.
I bought my dress.
I bought my bridesmaid's gifts.
My colors are white, black and red. My dress is white with a red sash and my girls are wearing black dresses. I chose the red because I'm wearing my late grandmother's diamond & ruby jewelry as my "something old."

What's left:
Wedding Bands
OOT bags
Finding a hairstylist and makeup artist who will come to my house very early in the morning
Crossed some more things off the list! Got my shoes, veil and found my hairstylist & makeup artist! I actually have my trial this Saturday. They're going to come to my house at 6 am to do hair & makeup for me, my mom, and my bridesmaids, so we can be off to the cruise port by 9:30. I also found the e-bay seller for my flowers, and have an idea for my invitations and favors. I forgot to add alterations to the "what's left" list the first time, but that's something I need to do soon.

How's everyone else doing?

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Wow Hunniebee, you just reminded me of how much more needs to be done. lol


What ebay seller did you get your flowers from? Are they real touch?

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eBay Store - Yesss-i-do weddings: silk wedding bouquets flowers bridesmaids maid of honor toss, Boutonnieres, Corsages


They aren't Real Touch....I'm totally not a flower person and probably won't even keep them so I wanted to go with something inexpensive that still looked nice. The real touch flowers I saw were around $100 for just a bride's bouquet and a bout. I am getting all of this for $146.99 plus $23.95 shipping:

1 Bride's Round bouquet (9-10" round)

4 Bridesmaids bouquets (8" round)

1 toss bouquet (7" round)

1 Groom's boutonniere

4 groomsmen boutonnieres

2 Fathers boutonnieres

2 Mothers corsages

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Jennyco116- I am getting really excited about our Key West wedding! I am going in May with my mom to check things out since I haven't been there before. The main thing I am looking for is a restauarnt for the reception. The Conch Republic was one of the ones on my list to look for. I like that they have music. Thanks for the info. Good luck with the planning process. I can't beleive it so close :-)

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