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Just Married in the Dominican

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Yes the ceremony with Pastor Rick York was in English -- he's actually from Chicago I believe. GREAT guy. He can perform symbolic ceremonies at any location if English speaking is important to you. There is a resort about 200 meters away, but there were hardly any people on the beach. On the other side there are a couple of small, older, "houses". But from the Jellyfish you don't really see either.


We had originally asked Mayte to arrange a water taxi as we thought that would be neat, but I think it came down to there being no way of getting onto the boat at our resort and it can only be one way. You can rent a catamaran type boat but apparently it is quite pricey for the 5 minute ride. Some people kept the ceremony/reception plans secret and take their guests on an "excursion." By making it a 1/2 hour boat ride around Bavaro as part of the days festivities and then land at this amazing place, you might get your money's worth.


I think they will stay open until around 2 in the morning- but it could be later. At the resort I was at, they were kicking them out of their "privately paid" areas at 11.


The upstairs is pretty small - though perfect for our little crew. They will bring up round, square, or rectangular tables to make the best use of the space, but I would guess around 20 would be the max.


As for the cake topper, I made it myself! You can get them made for you by people online (try etsy.com) and they are usually around $200. But if you want it to be fairly simple, it's actually quite easy to do. I made these out of polymer clay (fimo and sculpy) and there are books and websites that show you how to do it. By buying my materials at Michaels using coupons, they only cost me about $20 to make and a few hours of my time.


Hope this helps!

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