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After staying up all night reading through the forum, I decided I NEEDED to be a part of this community. I have been searching for advice like this since I started planning my wedding in January. I am so thankful for running into this site.


Wedding - Sept. 26, 2009 on the beach in Nags Head, NC. While I am not planning an overseas wedding, I am planning a beach wedding and have done so from all over the world.


I am actually in the last stretch of planning but its great to get some ideas for decorating, etc. Last night I spent most of my time digging through the OOT bag info as I am still deciding on the bags and what to put in them without spending a fortune.


Here is our wedding website - Tim & Jenn's Wedding - Sept. 26, 2009


I also designed a website to help everyone in the wedding feel like they were still a part of the planning despite the fact that I was traveling for most of that time. This might be of interest to you guys although I haven't touched since the beginning stages of planning (probably Feb). Tim and Jenn Wedding Planning Website


I am also designing a magazine for all of the ideas I has in my different planning phases as a fun memoir of this experience - I'll post the pages as I design them.


Thanks ahead of time for your help.


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