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Post your 4th of July menu here

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You have to like olives to like this recipe. It's one of my favorite and so addicting!


Olive Dip


12 oz cream cheese – softened

1.5 cup chopped green olives

1 T. olive juice

3/4 cup Hellmanâ€s mayo

2/3 cup chopped pecans


I hand chop the green olives and set aside. You could food process them but they get pretty tiny. I prefer the bigger pieces of olives in the dip.


Blend the cream cheese, olive juice, mayo, and pecans in a food processor. Remove from food processor into bowl and stir in the green olives.


This recipe is definitely fool proof. Just taste as you go and adjust to your liking! Itâ€s easy for it to get too salty so be careful with the olive juice.

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I'm going to my future mother/father in laws' for the 4th where we'll swim, drink, and eat all day :) I can't wait! The dishes I am planning on bringing are beer bread + some kind of dip, but I'm not sure yet...probably a package of some dip I have from Tastefully Simple. For drinks I'm thinking the Sangria mix also from Tastefully Simple!

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Originally Posted by Erika J View Post
I do this receipie a lot and it is super popular, people always request that I bring it.

I also add
chopped green onions
chopped cilantro
little cumin and cayenne pepper if you want extra heat
Omg that sounds amazing...thanks for sharing! I am always looking for new recipes to try!

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