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LeShay's RM Review - Part 5: Occidental Royal Hideaway

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This resort was by far my favorite. I have not been able to get it out of my mind since I left Mexico. Ladies, I haven’t been sleeping much! I haven’t had this much anxiety since I bought my condo! WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL ME?? For some reason I thought it would be so easy - I go to Mexico, I pick a place, I come back and I send out my Save the Dates….DONE! Not so much!


Ok back to Occidental Royal Hideaway:

Located in Playacar, this is a true 1 hour and 10 minute drive from the Cancun airport. But once you finally get here….Hubba Hubba!


The royal gates open to pristine luxury! You drive up the stone driveway to the lobby, which is immaculate! There’s a sitting area slightly off the lobby where there’s tea time, and a saxophone player creating a very relaxing atmosphere. To the right of the lobby behind closed doors is the check-in area, the assistant to the WC informed us that it was off to the side because they want to keep the atmosphere in the lobby area relaxing.


Unfortunately, Dianna, the WC for the Royal Hideaway went home sick that day, but her assistant was just as helpful. She gave us the tour of the property and showed us all the ceremony and site locations. They have a reception hall, nothing special there. They also have a private pool for their spa, which I thought was an interesting location for a reception and I kinda liked it.


The Beach:Unfortunately the hotel beach had undergone an erosion problem, so they had these huge whale - like sand bags in the ocean. It just didn’t mix with the luxurious appearance of the rest of the resort. There were people swimming in the water, I would just be afraid to get swallowed by the giant sand bags.


The beach was one of the ceremony locations, so although I didn’t see a wedding that day, it was kinda hard for me to imagine a ceremony on the beach with the sand bags in the back ground. I imagine, they’ll be gone by next year – but just something to keep in mind.


They did have a Gazebo in the middle of the property, unfortunately it was for very small weddings (4-6 people).


The Room:Were really modern and spacious! There’s a nice large patio outside of each room.


The Pools:

They had the infiniti pool that I loved! And another smaller private pool in the middle of the property. This pool was very quiet, but I’m not sure if I would ever use it since it was far from the bar and restaurant.


The Restaurants:Were all very nice as well! I took pictures of them all. I was most impressed by the restaurant with the Piano Bar, which had two private rooms for parties up to 15 people. I didn’t get to taste the food at the Royal Hideaway, but Dianna’s assistant did inform me that The Royal Hideaway was 5 Diamonds, and when I corrected her and said ‘Oh, you mean 5 stars’, she said ‘No, I mean 5 diamonds’ – I knew the food had to be outstanding!

Most of the restaurants have a reservation policy, so you can reserve your dinner reservations before you arrive.


Although the resort is far from the airport it’s located in the hip, happening area of Playa (I think this is the same as Playa Del Carmen, someone feel free to correct me), and I loved this area! Right off the beach, I pictured my guests walking up and down 5th avenue shopping at the little artsy stores and going to the beach!


Being in Playa made me feel more like I was on vacation, as opposed to the Hotel District in Cancun, which gave me the similar city feeling I get out here in LA – So, I have some decisions to make!

Asthetically, the Royal Hideaway was my favorite! Do my guests want to spend that much on an All Inclusive 5 Star (Pardon, I mean…DIAMOND) resort, not so sure. I really want to narrow this down this week!


I have pictures on snapfish if you want to see the Royal Hideaway.


Stay Tuned to my final review:


Part 6: RM Photographers

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Hi LeShay!


I looked at the Royal Hideway too when I was looking for a resort! The price definetly held me back and I believe they don't allow children and our daughter is coming so that eliminated it for us.


But I LOVED it (at least from the pics) and from what you've said it sounds even more beautiful in person!!


Its so hard to decide, I can't wait to hear which one you decide on!

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I am getting married at the Royal Hideaway in September if you need any additional information I have e-mailed three brides who have gotten married there.


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Thanks Casey - Since I'm getting married during a peak time, I thought the Royal Hideaway to be a bit pricey for my guest, but we're seriously considering going there for our Honey Moon. Thanks for the offer.

Did you visit?

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