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Need Help Pulling Colors Together

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Hey everyone! So Im trying to put my color palette together and see to be having trouble...so thought I could get some opinions.


So we really like Chocolate brown, green, and champagne.


Now my ring is turquoise so I sort of wanted to pull that color in it. And my FI loves orange. But with accents of those two colors seem to clash....


Our STD were orange and green, not that our invites need to match though. I wanted to start on our invites but cant pull the colors together!


This necklace was my inspiration...which obviously is lighter than I orginally liked. LOL Can you tell Im totally confused?!


Click the image to open in full size.


Ive been looking at so many pictures and havent feel upon that right combo yet.

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I think that you could easily pull all of those colors together its just the hue of each color that you need alittle help with. If you notice the color in the necklace that is green it has darker tones in it that could easily translate to turquoise but I would stay away from bold turquoise. So maybe just take the green you like and the blue you like and combine the 2 for the tone your looking for. Does that make sense? The orange you could pull in with the brown also by doing the same thing and just use it as a subtle accent color. The cool thing about all the colors you have chose is that they are all earthy so any way you go it will work.

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