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A wintery Valentine's Day proposal!

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While at the cottage for a romantic wintery Valentine's Day weekend, my FI, Roy had gotten up very early to use the washroom. Thinking nothing of it, I fell back asleep. Once we awoke, had breakfast and got ready for the day, we decided to go for a walk. I suggested we go down to the lake to see the ice.


As we walked down to the lake, there were some very slippery parts. Roy kept sayng, "Watch your step!" Meanwhile, I was thinking, "What a jerk, he's not even helping me down the path!"


So as I was watching my step, I finally looked up at Roy who was then down on one knee and on the ice in huge/life size black letters behind him was written 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?'



I started crying and Roy said something romantic, it's all a bit of a blur neither of us completely remember exactly what was said, but it was the most incredible surprise proposal!


It turns out he had cut all these planks of wood and painted them black the day before we left. To his dismay, I had decided to work from home that day. Luckily I didn't catch him painting all that wood at the side of our house!


I really thought I'd know when it's coming, but he really pulled it over on me and made the most memorable proposal!


*I have pics, but I can't seem to upload them here sad.gif Will try again later...

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awwww thats sweet :) cant wait to see pics!


ps click on the link in my or any mods siggy and you will find info on posting pics as well as tons of other how-to's!

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