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Wedding in Punta Cana, "Dreams Resort"

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Thanks everyone!! This is the most amazing website. I have learned soo much! Maybe too much? lol. I cannot come to a decision on where to have it.


For our wedding we'd like to have: Ceremony, dinner reception, dancing/cake reception. The dancing part is the most important. :)


I was set on Dreams, but they charge extra for a dinner reception. sad.gif $25-$41 pp

at an all-inclusive resort that just seems silly...


I started checking out a couple of other resorts...if anyone has input please let me know.


NOTE: I have a ten year old son and about 12 kids ages 3-15 will be joining us as well, so it's super important for me to find a great mini club for them so parents can relax!


1. Riu Palace Punta Cana

2. Riu Bachata Puerto Plata

3. Paradisus Punta Cana


The Riu resorts offer everything needed and they respond super quick. They have a sales department and THEN they give you a wedding coordinator. Which is kind of nice, because the WCs are very busy from what I've read here (which by the way is the only reason I am calm about the long wait for responses! thanks again!)


I emailed Paradisus about a week ago, no response yet, so not sure about their packages. The plus is I've read great reviews and know someone who went there with their children and said if you do the Reserve or Royal packages, that's the best way to go. They loved it.


I don't know what to do anymore sad.gif

well I do know...I better get to work! lol.

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Hello, congratulations and welcome, EVERYONE here are so helpful and friendly, Im sure any questions you have or advice you need will be fully answered before you know it!!!!


Happy Planning x

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Have you looked into the Palace Resorts? I am more than likely going to get married at one. You can get a free cocktail hour/reception if you book a certain amt of rooms. Palaceresorts.com! Good luck!

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