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For those of you bringing your own iPod Docking Station..

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I just realized that I can't afford the sound system for my wedding, so the search was on for my own "Sound System" for our reception.


I originally wanted something that played my ipod and CD's because I have a DJ making me a CD for Dinner music and Reception music, but then I found this and I have decided to just upload the CD's to my iPod as playlists.


Anyway..This is compact..the speakers are not attached so you can spread them out a little and let me tell you, this sound is AWESOME.

It's not only loud, but really clear.

FI was getting so embarrassed because while we were in Best Buy I was turning it up to see how loud it would go. I didn't care, I needed to test it out! LOL


So here is the link, it was only $109 and so far it seems like it will be worth every penny....You may want to check it out for your Receptions if your planning on bringing your sound system to. It's not heavy at all either.

I am really happy with our choice, teh product and the price :-)


Philips - 30W Compact Shelf Stereo System for Apple® iPod® - DC199B/37



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