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"Wow, that's beautiful!" OR "Woah, what was SHE THINKING?"

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Thanks again for the support, my esteemed chicas!


And I have some other good news to report: in light of the excitment of officially booking my Sandals wedding yesterday, I think my mom is coming around to the idea of me getting another dress (despite the fact that she paid for the 1st one, which I'm still gonna wear for the AHR) and now she wants to see it! I am going to ask her if she'd like to join me when I go back to buy it in a few months!


Hopefully, if she doesn't like the dress, she will have the good sense just to be happy for me and bite her tongue! As I said to my sister, she has already had HER wedding day over 30 years ago, and all I really want is for her to be supportive of my wishes for mine!


I really appreciate all of you, my BDW sisters -- sometimes you can find the best support OUTSIDE of your actual family, and with your ONLINE family! You guys are ROCKSTARS!

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