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newly engaged - need to pick a destination asap

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Originally Posted by HDSJ View Post
Hi There,

I am newly engaged, and planning a destination wedding for March 2010. I originally thought we would go to Mexico (Playa del Carmen) but H1N1 has me reconsidering.(I am ok with going but some of my guests are not.)

We are going to have families as well as single friends so we want an all-inclusive resort that is child-friendly but also closely located to night life both on and off the resort.

Does anyone have any advice for me? Montego Bay looks beautiful. Does Bermuda have AIs?


Bermuda does have a few all-inclusive but they are very expensive!!! Montego Bay has nice resorts but I personally think Negril is a nicer area in Jamaica.

If you want somewhere that's child friendly and close to nightlife I would suggest Varadero, Cuba. But beware Cuba does have the best food! As long as you find a resort with a disco on it you will be guaranteed a little nightlife and you wouldn't have to leave the resort. Plus it's safer and included in you package so you can save some money!

Good luck planning!

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