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RIU brides- Reception??? Kinda lengthy!

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I was wondering where you had/are having your "reception". We have 40 people going, and we are having an AHR which is going to be much bigger than originally planned. We had planned to have our AHR at my Dad and Step-Mom's B&B, but then realized that our guest list is 350!!!! Not enough parking at the B&B!!! So, we're having it at a local restaurant now.


My parents are pretty much paying for everything (FI's parents are paying our way to Mexico). My Mom and Step-dad are paying for themselves, grandpa, brother, his girlfriend, their new baby, and my step-sister (also already paid for my dress and my step-sister's BM dress).


My Dad and Step-Mom are paying for themselves, grandma, step-brother and his girlfriend. My parents are splitting the cost of the AHR.


Here's where my quetion comes in- we're getting married at 5:00, and having dinner at the Steak House at the RIU Playacar at 6:30. After that, we have the option of going to the disco at the RIU Tequila, or renting the disco at the RIU Yucatan for $900 (there are 4 RIU's on the property). I honestly don't think the disco will be that crowded on a Thursday night in July, and I really don't want my parents to spend an extra $900 (nor do I think I want to spend that myself to rent the disco). Am I weird in thinking our first dance, father/daughter, etc. will be at the AHR anyway, so it's OK if we just party after the weddinghuh.gif


Thanks for any suggestions or opinions on this!!!


Amy (Sorry this turned out so long!!! Just thinking out loud!)

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I say you should do whatever you want to do! BUT, if it were me, I'd want the first dance there. Then again, I am renting the RIU disco for 2 hrs for our reception, so I may not be the best person to be answering this!! rolleyes.gif The disco rental for us is only $250 for 2 hours though...

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