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Do I have to wear make-up?

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#11 Sammygurlj

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    Posted 05 May 2009 - 03:42 PM

    Of course you don't have to, nobody can force you to wear makeup...but IMO I would definately say at least wear eyeliner or mascara. It just looks better in pictures, without it you lose your eyes. You definately do not have to spend much money on makeup there are tons of inexpensive products that will work great. Do you have any girlfriends that would help you out playing with dif. products?

    #12 ACH2009

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      Posted 06 May 2009 - 09:19 AM

      I agree with what everyone said on here. I would suggest you go get a makeup trial but be sure to tell the makeup artist that you are going for a more natural look so they don't do anything too dramatic. I think the fun part of your wedding day is getting to look more special than every other day. You might not wear makeup everyday but you don't wear a wedding dress every day either! Go with whatever makes you feel good about yourself :)
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      #13 sunsetbride1

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        Posted 06 May 2009 - 09:54 AM

        I agree with everyone else...

        IMHO, a light amount of natural makeup applied carefully for pictures will accentuate your natural beauty in pictures. Def. go and get a trial done ... tell them very firmly that you want a natural look and take some before and after pictures. I would also style your hair in a similar manner that you are for your wedding day; so you can get the entire picture. Then go with whichever look you feel best in.

        I tend to wear very natural looking makeup and half the time FI cannot tell if I am wearing it or not... LOL. They are men and bless their little hearts; sometimes if they are not around when we are getting ready, they think that we just wake up every day looking good.

        #14 futurerana

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          Posted 06 May 2009 - 10:07 AM

          Good advice about the pictures, do a trial with someone who understands and is good and take some pics on your own with and without and you will see. And I bet if you do it right to "accentuate" your features like the previous post said that your fiancee won't even know that you are wearing make-up. He will just think you are extra beautiful because you have a bridal glow, the sun, the dress etc... And of course if you don't like it and it doesn't look much different in the pictures, great too.

          #15 futurerana

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            Posted 06 May 2009 - 10:13 AM

            Oh, and if you do decide maybe a few weeks or so before you could just gradually start wearing a tiny bit of mascara, lip gloss etc. just so you can get used to the way it looks and not feel uncomfortable that day and your fiancee won't be in shock. And he definitely won't know. I am doing this with my hair because I never "fix" it so I won't feel too weird and different. And am finding that it is actually fun and am liking it. And I will feel much more comfortable with him having seen me with my hair different than it normally is. Let us know what you decide.

            #16 bumbles

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              Posted 06 May 2009 - 10:18 AM

              I love makeup! From my perspective, it should enhance one's best features and provide a touch up of what can be improved. You want to look like yourself! There are great products that will not only give you a natural finish, but you won't feel like you're wearing it at all.

              An alternative to foundation: tinted moisturizer - very practical because you wear moisturizer anyway! However, tinted moisturizers contain SPF which has titanium dioxide. This isn't ideal for photography because you may get a grey-ish tint from the camera flash.

              Anyway, why not give the makeup trial a chance? Bring pictures of what you like! Here are a couple great portfolios:

              Professional Makeup Artistry
              MakeupNV by Nam Vo

              Good luck! The most important thing is for you to feel happy and comfortable!

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