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make up artist rec in rm?? HELP

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Hi Gail, I saw you had already posted in the other two RM/Cancun makeup/hair threads. Did you try contacting all those listed that were suggested? There were quite a few -- if you email them they should be able to send you some sample pictures or perhaps even lead you to some brides for recommendations.






For hair I know Dorrana has had great praise from past brides, including the most recent ~ BDW member San Fran Sarah (her hair looked amazing in her pics). Dorrana also has a girl who does high-end makeup, you might wanna email her about it. All Dorrana's info along with info for other hair/makeup stylist are in those above threads.


Hope this helps!

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thanks. I have e mailed . some booked. some no answer after several e mails. So at square one Dorrana was just pricey i'm sure she is worth it

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