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DREAMS Cabo Questions

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I have heard alot about a private "Casino Night" that brides/grooms can host as a welcome party. Does anyone have any info on this? Prices?


Also, I am having a tough time deciding if we need a dance floor on the Oceana Terrace, any advice?


Did anyone do the pub crawl, any info on this?


Has anyone been to Dreams in September? How hot does it get?


Any advice would be much appreciated!

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i have had a few private casino nights.


they set up the tables near your dinner tables and have extra staff as dealers....they had poker, blackjack, and i think roulette but am not sure about the roulette...if you give enough notice they can even get prizes.


we had a blast at all our casino nights and now do it every time we are there. i don't know what the latest price is.


no, i dont think you need a dance floor at oceana unless you are breakdancer or something or super fly salsa dancers.


my sister and her friends did the pub crawl...it is fun. you meet in lobby or new dance club and they take you downtown.


i ahve also been to dreams in september and it is HOT! like 113 degrees hot.

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yes Casino night is about $850 for set up, staff etc

We did the pub crawl last month and it was fun..I think about $15 pp. From Dreams they took us to Cabo Wabo, Mandala and the Squid Roe. It's arranged by Dreams entertainment staff and they make sure they don't leave anyone behind. I think it's worth it.

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