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Non-resort options for a small group?

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Hi cabo forum- I've been spending some serious time reading through all the great advice on here and was hoping i could get some help/direction to post from you well-educated cabo people. Really excited about cabo but want these decisions made!!!


Our situation-Aug. 15, 18 people total- immediate family, looking at accomodations in san jose close to my aunt's place at alegranza, we'd like to find a secluded-feeling scenic spot for a simple ceremony and then host a dinner reception at one of the nicer restaurants in town. We like natural beauty, off-the-beaten path places and would prefer to not have this at a big resort. What are some other options?


We're having a big reception at home too so we don't want to spend more than around $3,500-4,000 on ceremony and reception. all we need- a beach or ocean view spot (public beach, villa options?), ceremony music, chairs would be nice but not necessary, restaurant with good atmosphere and good food. Brother will officiate symbolic ceremony, flowers/decoration diy. Would think we can pull this off for the cost, right?


The coordinator i've been in touch with has narrowed down to pitahayas restaurant- ceremony on beach out front. I'm the type of person that wants to uncover every stone to make sure i'm not overlooking a fantastic find. If you can point me to any different, unique locations i would appreciate it.


Any one heard of a boat taking you to a beach for the ceremony and having the reception dinner on board or dropping off close to restaurant? i'd be willing to get my dress a little wet! in august it would prob. feel great!




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Hello IrnBailey!

I agree with Kate, the El Encanto Inn is a very nice location, I've shot a few weddings there , I can send you some pics if you wish.

But it is in town, not a beach spot...The Casa Natalia in San Jose is a very nice option if you want a smaller hotel, the staff is wonderful there, but again no view nor beach, but a very nice architecture style.

The Cabo surf Hotel offers the feeling of a intimate hotel, definetely not a resort and right on the beach (I have a lot of picture from the Cabo Surf)...

Sounds like Todos Santos could be a nice option for you as well, it is a mall town about an hour from Cabo San Lucas, with a beautiful mission, and a very laid back vibe, most of the los cabos artist live there, you might want to search on the todos santos options ...

I would be happy to help you on your investigations!

Good luck with your planning!

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