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Resort System Wide Group Booking - question for the TA's

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I hope this is in the right spot...


One of my friends asked me today about doing the group booking thing at Palace Resorts and I thought I'd see if any of you have ever heard of this being done.


We're getting married at Moon Palace. Because it is one of the Palace Resorts, there are benefits (free nights, free functions) on the line if our guests book under our group contract. Some of our guests are not too keen on the idea of Moon Palace and have wondered about the other Palace resorts in the area. Since they have "sister resort" privillages... they wont have to pay for a day pass and they'll be able to get the experience that they want. I'm fine with that. Let's just send my step mom to the farthest resort away. Maybe in Cabo. Yes, I realize its on the other side of Mexico... Anyway, I'm inclined to want to encourage, suggest, beg that they stay at moon palace so we can get those group booking benefits.




The question is... has anyone ever heard of a resort offering the group benefits for their whole system of resorts... ie: book 25 rooms at any of the Palace Resorts in Cancun and qualify for the group benefits.


Is this ever done (at palace resorts or anywhere) or is it just a good idea that remains as one of those "gee, that would be fantastic" ?

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