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Free phone cards- good at Rius in JA until April 7 or so

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I know this should go in the buy/sell/giveaway thread but they are expiring soon and I want to make sure they go to someone soon.


I've got three phone cards with unknown balances (I would guess about $10 each, but I can't guarantee it) that are valid at Riu hotels only. I'm not sure on the exact expiration date, but I'm guessing it's April 8th or 9th. They expire 30 days after first use, and I'm thinking that they were activated on the 8th or 9th or March. You don't need the card to use them, I can just email the instructions and the PINs from the back of the card.


Anyone interested, or know someone who might be? It's a shame for them to go to waste.

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Hi CH,


I would be interested...we're arriving @ ROR on Tuesday, my email is: johnorourke@hotmail.co.uk, would be very grateful for them! Did you buy them before you arrived or at the resort as I was told its better to buy them before you arrive but not sure how as we live in the UK.


Thanks very much for any help!


Sarah x

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