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Turtle Bay Cafe Bakery ~ Lots of new Wedding Cake pics!!!

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Add me as one of the brides who has been having difficulty getting a response.  Jenn is my wedding coordinator, cake, and reception caterer so ... its hard to say it's not nerve-wracking!  I know she's had some private issues in the summer and maybe I'm just a little too ahead of myself for a February 2011 wedding...Fingers crossed.

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We hired Turtle Bay Bakery to do our cake for our wedding day (March 31, 2011).  I have to say, I would NOT recommend them at all.  Throughout the whole planning process, Jen (the owner) took days, see weeks, to answer my emails.  Yes, their price is cheap (400$ for a cake for 70 people).  During the last few weeks before we left, I sent her emails almost every day, for her to give me a final balance on the cake and to fix the last details.  She would not reply... so I sent her some money (since we were leaving) and hoped for the best.  She did email me while we were in Mexico (after I told her I wouldn't have email access) saying that the balance was to be more than what I sent... Whatever, she never replied to my emails when I asked her about a balance 2 weeks before we left (she did reply, answering to other questions but never about the balance).  Everytime she emailed me, I never got an exact answer to my questions.




Here is the inspiration picture I sent her.  I asked for real flowers instead of sugar flowers on the middle tier.  I wanted the 3-dot clusters the same and wanted bigger swiss icing dots (balls, whatever you call them) all around the first and third tier, to hide the seams (instead of the sort of ribbon you see in the picture.




Here is what we got.  Sorry, I don't have a closer pic yet.  The cake was to be white... it turned out this ugly beige/yellow/peach color.  Plus, they used a star-tip for the 3-dot clusters... which just looked bad.  And, I never got the swiss icing balls or whatever.




The cake still looked ok (upclose, not so much) and I'm the only one who knew the detailing that was supposed to be on the cake... but still, it wasn't what I asked for and the whole experience with Turtle Bay Bakery just wasn't positive.

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