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Excellence Punta Cana Brides Thread

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Okay, another totally random question, when you say not to wear black liner on the beach- what other color eye liners are there? I know, to a makeup artist, that's a dumb question, but I thought all eyeliner was black. lol


The other thing is with going to the spa to get ready and then getting in my dress there, is trying to maximize the time spent with the photographer. My package is not by hour per say, so if he gets there at 11 he takes pics for the whole day the same as he would if he got there at 2pm. I know it's hot as h**l there during June, so I don't want to move my ceremony time up too early, but then I want there to be time to take pictures around the resort before the wedding by myself, as well as a 'first look' series (where the bride and groom meet before the ceremony to capture the spontaneity of seeing each other all dolled up alone) and some pics together around the resort (which could be done after the ceremony I suppose), then also the getting ready photos, and photos after the ceremony.


I'm thinking with a 4pm start, there might not be enough time for everything. I might have to bump the start up to 1 or 2, to give time for everything to be done- but I think it'll be hot as beejeezus at that time- I don't know how to plan to get everything done photo wise and still not be too early. (also, I plan on shots.gif with the girls the night before- 8am to get ready comes early after a night of that hehehehe)


Any ideas? You have a much better idea of timelines since you've been through it already. I can only guess at what kind of time getting ready really needs, how far apart things are on the resort, etc.


If I was only to do roses on the beachy part of the aisle, do you still think it's more than say 20 yards (which is roughly 60 feet)?


My email for pics is s perkins 921 at me dot com (take the spaces out of the front, and then translate dot to the sign) Alternatively, you can click on my name- I have email turned on from the forum. It should come right to me.


With the lacing and bustling, where I am right now for school is not where the wedding is, or where the MOH, or other guests are. I don't have the option to drag anyone there with me to the shop, so I was thinking, get the seamstress' assistants to film how to bustle, how to lace, etc, and then when we get there Monday night get the girls together in my room and go over it (obviously kicking DH out for an hour or so lmao). Maybe even do it on Tuesday night, as I think the resort will want my dress by Wednesday to have it clean for the wedding on Thursday?


And though I know it would sound funny to other people, fellow brides and brides to be understand when I say, all of a sudden today I realized- HOLY F***** HE** there are only FOUR months until my wedding. smile29.gif Where did the time go?


Thanks for all your help (and yours too BB) you guys have been GREAT!! smile03.gif




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Let me clarify about the eyeliner, I should have said it's not a good idea to wear a lot of eyeliner on the beach or heavy eye makeup in general. I wore a dark brown liner, espresso color. I feel black is too heavy for a beach wedding. Maybe if it's smoky it would be fine. Basically, it comes down to trying different colors/looks on you to see what you like best and works best with your skin tone/hair/eye color, etc. I'll answer the rest in a bit!

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The pics are so great! The lobster house veranda looks perfect.


I read somewhere on this forum that the bridesmaids bouquets were a little small. Did you think so?? I have 5 bridesmaids and I wanted to use their bouquets as centerpieces for the head table at the reception (I saw Martha Stewart fill vases with limes and reuse the bouquets)


Thanks for posting the pictures ! You are all so helpful !!

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I posted some links to pics in the post before my "I miss Excellence" rant! LOL


Stick with 4pm wedding time. This is better. We took pictures afterwards for about 2 hrs. It was supposed to be only for 1 1/2 hrs but we weren't done. I took some portraits and family pictures before the ceremony at the spa. After the ceremony, we did all of our family pictures, bridal party pictures, and some more of just me, just Steve, and then both of us. I got my hair done around 2 and did my makeup right after. Our wedding was scheduled for 4:30 but started at like 5.


it's all beach except for those few steps over the "mini bridge" so not sure you what you mean.


Ana took my dress and Steve's outfit from me as soon as I got there and before we even checked in.


Just breathe, I'm so excited for you..do you mind if I relive my wedding through youhuh.gif LOLOLOL

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Here's my two cents


Hair-Seriously have Amarylis do you hair. She is freakn great. They can do anything you want and will tell you if it will work with the climate. They have a book of photos (of celebs) you can pick from or bring your own. Mercy helped translate for me but Amarylis (didn't do my hair) speaks english ok.


Make-up-I did heavier eye make up because for me it photographs better. I did use eyeliner but it was sweatproof/waterproof from MAC and that was very necessary with my sweat and tears.


BM flowers- you can see in my photos. There were 6 roses and it was nice but not big...I would have preferred a little more.


Carriage-We fit 5 of us and it was a hot mess. We were very scrunched in. Our photog took photos of us getting in and then pulling up. LIke Michelle said it is tight and you wouldn't get the full effect if they were in the carriage.


Nails-loved mine and my mom had a frech mani/pedi that was very nice. If you want a specific color though bring it with you. They have about 20 colors...again I'm particular so I brought my own.


Photo areas-We went to quite a few places. You can see the different places in our slideshow. We did some in the lobby, the park, the shops, the beach, there is this business center that was very pretty and we went up there (it's the yellow wall in the photos). There is a lot to work with our photog was going crazy there were so many options.


Getting ready-I did not want to get ready in the spa because I wanted to relax and hang out. We go ready in my brothers room with was the presidential suite. It was great to get ready there and great for pictures.


Our timeline is probably different than most because of our photographer but here it is


8:30 bfast with BM's and my mom

9-11:00 floated around the cascade pool in rafts with my girls

11:00-12:00 my hair

12:30-Mom and BM hair

1-2 My make-up and girls getting ready and lunch

3 my dress on

3-4 ish photos with mom, bm's and me

4ish in the lobby ready to get on carriage

4-4:20ish was a delay because of flowers

4:30-5:00 ceremony

5-5:30 group photos

5:30-6:30 ish cocktail hour

5:30-6:00ish photos with just us

6:30ish we changed our outfits and freshened up

7ish maybe a little earlier-10:00 (on the dot) reception


Cacade pool-can easily seat 50+ people. We had 30 and there was plenty more room.


When you have your meeting with Ana she will walk you around the resort to show you all of the different options and locations if you have not been there before. Michelle the veranda was great idea. I didn't even think of that might have been better because of the bugs.


I found looking through all of the previous brides pictures super helpful. You can really get a sense of what it will be like and the different options.

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BostonBride...I've been looking at your pictures (beautiful by the way)...did you bring those paper lanterns?

I think I saw them at your welcome cocktails. They are so beautiful!!

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Happy Valentine's day everyone!!


Trose, my bridesmaids had hot pink gerbera daisies..i think there were 3 or 4 daisies in each bouquet..They were big daisies..may be a bit smaller than you get around here, but I thought they were perfect.


My bouquet had white orchids and I thought they were perfect. I believe there a few pictures where you can see the bouquet through my snapfish shared albums. I also had one in my hair.


My mom and mother in law had hot pink orchid corsages. They both loved it. I personally thought Ana/ the florist did a great job with the flowers.


I think it was Amarylis who did my hair too if I remember correctly. Really, they know how to do hair! I was impressed because my hair can be wild and frizzy lolol.


I also did heavier eye makeup than normally, but I used dark brown, not black..i wanted it to be more natural. Instead of sharp lines with the eyeliner, soft smudgy, smoky looks are nice for the beach.


You know its weird, I dont remember the timeline of the wedding day so much..I wasn't rushed, I remember that. I felt like the spa was relaxing. The executive chef even sent champagne, cheese, fruit, and crackers to the spa for the bridal party. Basically, we owned that place for the day lolol.


If anyone can get their hands on the imperial suite to get ready, that's awesome! It is so spacious , romantic, and elegant! Debbie, it was nice that you were able to get ready there!



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