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New 2010 Riu Wedding packages?!?!

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Hey everyone,


I am thinking of getting married in 2010 at the Riu Palace Los Cabos and just went onto the Riu wedding website and noticed that their packages for 2010 have changed since 2009! It looks like they no longer include the photographs (12 or 24) as part of the Royal or Caprice packages, but now the reception dinner is offered 'semi-private' (as opposed to a regular table reservation in the specialty restaurant).


My question for any of other 2010 Riu brides: Do you know if Mango weddings photography is still working with Riu and are they offering a photography package? If so, how much? I don't need tons and tons of pictures but I do want some wedding pictures! If not, know any good Los Cabos photographers that offer packages for a decent price?


Also, I have heard mixed reviews about the salon at the Riu palace for hair/makeup. I'm thinking of going with the Royal package, which doesn't include hair/makeup anyways so am now thinking of going elsewhere.

Know any good Los Cabos salons for bridal hair/makeup and french manicure/pedicure? For me, this is important (you only get to be a bride for 1 day), so am willing to splurge a bit to look great!

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Hi and congrats!!!

That's strange that they are not offering photography in their packages anymore! And the other thing is that they are no longer allowing outside vendors (started this year) so that means that you can't bring in a photographer. Boo! I would contact the wedding coordinator at Riu Palace and have them send you a link to their photographer's work.


As for hair, I too had heard mixed reviews and it freaked me out so I just booked Suzanna Morel to do my hair. I have NEVER heard a bad thing about her! She is a little on the pricey side but to me it's worth it to have my hair looking exactly how I want it to look for my wedding day. She is wonderful to work with as well...very prompt with emails and was awesome to talk to on the phone. It's very close to the Riu's as well, she said that she could see it from her window :) Here is the link to her salon: Suzanne Morel Face and Body Care

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Thanks! I think I will book with her as well...I have heard only good things and I checked out her prices and it's not THAT expensive compared to the Riu salon. I didn't see French mani/pedis on her list, and I know I def. want french, so maybe I'll go to Riu for nails and her for hair/makeup.


As for photography...I wonder if they got so many complaints about no outside photographers that they just took photography out of the package and are now allowing them in? I mean, they have to let you get wedding pics taken and if they arn't supplying them anymore with the package then what's a girl to do?


I'm fine with using Mango though if they are still working with Riu. I saw some of their photos and they are gorgeous!

I've seen some of Juan Carlos Tapia gorgeous slideshows too but I guess Riu wouldn't let him in?

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If you look back, there was a post from Lauren outlining her horrific experience with the WC and going back on her word about bringing a photographer in. I emailed the Riu Palace yesterday about our photographer, who will be coming with us from Canada and staying at the resort all week as well. I am hoping there won't be any issues and if there is, then I am choosing not to book there. I will post when I get a response!

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Ok, so I just got an email back from the RIU Palace. The email I wrote them is first, and then their response is underneath that.



-------- Mensaje original -------- Asunto: July 2010 Wedding

Fecha: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 21:53:22 -0400

De: Angela

Para: weddings01@riu.com




I am considering the Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas for my July 2010 wedding. We are hoping to be married on July 15, 2010.


I have a few questions that I need to have answered before I can book the wedding.


1. Is that specific date (July 15, 2010) available?


2. If some guests choose to stay at the Riu Santa Fe rather than the Palace, can they still be included in the 80% of guests we need staying at the hotel?


3. Our photographer is also a guest at our wedding and plans on staying at the same resort for the week. I am assuming this will not be an issue as she is a paying guest of the resort as well but, if you could confirm that it would be very much appreciated.


I look forward to hearing from you and working with the Riu resort if we decide to go ahead with our booking.


Thank you in advance!



Dear Angela ,


Thank you for considering Riu Hotels and Resorts for your wedding Plans!



In order to obtain information regarding Riu weddings please visit our webpage Wedding Packages by Destination. Honeymoon Holidays. Weddings by Riu, where you will be able to find our wedding packages and book your wedding online!



Please read the following tips that you would need to consider before submitting a wedding request:


1.- In order to have a wedding at Riu, Bride and Groom and at least 80% of guests must stay in the same Riu Hotel where the wedding will be performed. This is a very important policy without exception. Please consider that you will need to consult this to your guests so they can start checking room pricing.


2. In Cabo these are the ceremonies that we offer:


* Religious and Renewal of vows: This a symbolic wedding. Has no legal bearing and you do not need any paperwork for it. The only requirement that you need is to arrive two full business days prior your wedding date. ( Arrival date and Sundays do not count)


* Civil Weddings: This is a marriage legally recognized in your Country that requires some paperwork and Blood Tests. Bride and Groom must arrive three full business days prior your wedding date ( Arrival date and Weekends do not count)


3.- Verify that your wedding package covers the amount of guests allowed. Petitions with incorrect wedding packages will be automatically upgraded.


4.- Please read the following information attached where you will find all the ceremony information and the wedding requirements.


If you are interested in booking your wedding, please submit your request and conserve the reference number will be provided. We will verify the availability with the Judge, Minister or Priest and if he is available we will send you a confirmation code, otherwise, we will contact you to give you some options.

*This process may take a few days.


I would kindly ask you to submit only ONE WEDDING REQUEST per couple. Several requests will be automatically canceled.


In order to know room rates please contact our reservations Department at reservations@riu.com also you can check the availability at Riu Hotels & Resorts.

The Toll free numbers of the Riu Reservations Department are:

USA 1 888 666 8816

CAN 1 866 845 3765

MEX 1 800 225 5748


If you are looking for a group rate, please contact our Groups Sales Department at groups@riu.com. Please be advised that in order to be considered as a Group you should have minimum 3 days stays and minimum 10 rooms. The arrival and departure date should be the same for the group.


Ph: 52 (99cool.gif 881-4318

Fax: 52 (99cool.gif 881-4311


All our wedding packages offer a semi private reception at any of our specialty restaurants and the Minister or Judge`s fees . Packages cannot be downsized but you are able to add items for your wedding in case that you will want a private reception. Once we have finalized your wedding booking process you will be directed with the wedding planner at the Hotel in order that you can start your wedding arrangements and have an idea of your budget.



Warm Regards,



Paola Flores

Sales Coordinator

RIU Palace Los Cabos & RIU Santa Fe

Weddings By Riu

America's Division

Email: weddings01@riu.com

Web: Wedding Packages by Destination. Honeymoon Holidays. Weddings by Riu



Soooooo, they didn't answer my question about the photographer and I really HATE their 80% rule.


*sigh* I feel like I am back at square one!

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Yes, that was my horrific experience. Basically back in Sept they told me that I could bring one but then a few weeks ago suddenly changed their minds saying that the new 2009 policy was not allowing ANY outside vendors. We had already paid a non-refundable deposit and they basically told us "too bad, so sad". After emailing corporate and the hotel manager they finally agreed to let us bring ours as an exception since they agreed that they had to honour our original agreement. So, I'm thinking that they took the photography right out of the packages because maybe you have to just deal directly with the Riu Photographer for all of your photography needs. Perhaps they are just "extras" now.

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WOW! please post when you get a reply about this. THat would just not even be right if they don't include a photographer and you cant bring one in either! that sounds crazy. and i dont understand why the price only dropped 100 dollars from last year after losing the photographer thats quite a cheap photo package i wonder if it was even good to begin with.

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I emailed back again and actually got a reply a few hours later!


This is what she said regarding the photographer:


"Regarding your question if your photographer is part of your wedding group it does not represent a problem It wpuld be important to make a note on this once you submit your wedding request."


It seems if the photographer is actually travelling with your group, it's not an issue??


I am hanging onto all emails from here on in...


Still haven't decided whether to book here or not due to the 80% rule .... how do you share that fact with guests without being pushy?? I do feel many would stay at the Palace with us ...however, I know a lot of people would prefer the Santa Fe price and it's so close they might choose to stay there which presents a problem for us!

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This is great info Ladies. I wonder what they consider a vendor? I have a friend that is going and he is taking our photo's he is staying at the hotel but we are not paying him nor are we paying his way down. I wonder if they will allow him to take photos?

Keep posting as you get information please.

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