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hopefully getting married in Negril

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Hi, I am new and am hoping to get married just the two of us at either Tensing Pen or the Caves or wherever in Negril, Jamaica. Still haven't made a complete decision or booked and am still trying to convince fiance that we really deserve something this special...After all we are saving money not having a big wedding.

My main reason for joining this forum is because it will be just the two of us and I am not sure how that will work. All the pictures info I have seen about destination weddings seem to be ones with lots of guests. I was concerned that it would be awkward and wondering how dressy I should and could get without it being ridiculous. I like the "destination dresses" but they still seem like they may be a little too formal still. Though I would love it. And what about a veil. And feedback on this or pictures even would be awesome. My fiance also is wondering and I would like to relay info and still be honest..It would be easier to convince him if this is common...I am getting great freedback on trip advisor too but figured since this is a "wedding forum" i might get even more feedback. I appreciate all the help. I don't know anyone who has done this and have always dreamed about it. Thanks so much.

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