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Our AHR Plans ~ So exited!

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Thanks girls! :)


Originally Posted by Abbie View Post
YAY JL that is soooo much fun and very good, exciting news! you deserve some of that :)
Awe, thanks Abbie! hug2.gif I actually thought of you, with your BFW and your Mexico Wedding. wink.gif


Originally Posted by Tlseege View Post
Oh this sounds just awesome!!! I would be super thrilled too! And it sounds so much like a celebrity wedding where nobody knows that the wedding is going to happen! :)


As for your dress, I say no. You have the amazing Elizabeth and you'll want to be wearing your amazing dress, not a dress that you are 'okay' with. You shouldn't trash it too much, it should be fine.

A celebrity wedding huh? Maybe they'll roll out the red carpet! Haha, seriously though we do have a huge red carpet that we put out for events wink.gif


About the dress - my only concerns are the delicate beading work. Good thing my MOH is a clothes designer - she should have some valuable input on this one! Of course, all of the other women in the family think I'm NUTS for doing a TTD! I'm gonna have to think of a better way to phrase that...


Oh you know there will be pics!


Now there's a tiny dilemma - not sure Martin's family would be too happy about paying all the way to go to MX knowing we're "really" getting married here. Thing is, the MX wedding is the "real" one to us! But for now we haven't told them... guess we'll see as it gets closer!


P.S. Thanks to whoever moved this thread! I was searching for a spot to place this but must've skipped over this section while browsing.

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