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Our AHR Plans ~ So exited!

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I wasn't even sure if we were going to have one, and now we're having a fabulous one!!


K, here's the story...


My MOH and I got together on Tues. night to go over some things and she was great and made us each a calendar from now til June to place anything wedding related on. We realized that we are quickly running out of available weekends from now until we leave (May 19th). Since there's St. Patty's Day, Easter & Mother's Day weekends all before our wedding that reduces it even further. I was freaking out a lil about how we'd have time to fit in all three planned parties (Couples Shower, Bridal Shower and Lingerie/Bach. party).


Soooo the other night I was thinking (who am I kidding, I haven't stopped thinking about the wedding since we broke the 3 month mark ~ lol) why not just cancel the Couples Shower and instead combine it into a cool AHR after the wedding? Here's the kicker and really exciting part - I thought about surprising our guests by having an officiant there to legally marry us (Las Caletas only hosts spiritual ceremonies). I mean, why the hell not?? I ran it by my Grandma (who was heading up the Couples Shower), MOH and my Dad. Dad and MOH loved the idea, and Dad offered up his art gallery for us to use (it's HUGE and will be perfect!!). I wasn't sure my Grandma was gonna go for it though, but she did and is super excited! The best part is my Aunt's family from Boston will be able to come (as soon as my Grandma called her this morning she already booked their flights! lol). I am pretty close to her family and they have 3 amazing girls who I was really looking forward to being in our wedding, but conflicts with their school wouldn't allow it. So the bonus is my Aunt & Uncle will be able to come to the Mexico wedding (didn't think they were gonna be able to) without feeling the "parental guilt", and then they will all be able to come to the AHR. It's going to be "wedding themed" - I'm gonna wear my dress, the bms theirs, and I get to invite all the little girls who I originally intended to be FGs to be a part of it all. My little cousins were seriously SO bummed about not being able to come to our wedding - they love Martin soooo much, it's adorable! love.gif So we're gonna let them wear flower girl dresses (they're about ages 6, 9 and 11) and throw flowers on us after we are legally married.


My Aunt is all over this and a great planner so it is so exciting! I was really missing the traditional part of a wedding, and Martin & I just couldn't really decide when to go do the legal stuff and honestly it just felt a little cold to me. So we are telling our immediate family about that but no one else - that will be the surprise. The wording will go something like this:


The families of Martin & Jaime invite you to a Reception celebrating their wedding in Mexico which took place on May 24, 2009. The families have a very special surprise for the Bride & Groom, so please arrive by XX:XX in time to witness this event....


We don't want to tell everyone because I don't want ppl who have already booked being like "well why the hell did we pay all that money to go see them get married in MX if they're just getting married here??" KWIM?


AND this way we can invite people who weren't invited to the MX wedding, like long time clients of mine (who have asked along the way about being invited, you know how that goes!), etc.


Today we reserved the date of June 27th at our gallery from 6-11pm. We will get married at the beginning and then have a huge celebration the rest of the night. And it should be pretty affordable - just need appetizers, some flowers for decorations, and beer/wine (which we should be able to get a good deal on hopefully through the gallery).


My Aunt said this totally made her month, and I must admit it has lifted my spirits tremendously to know that we can still have the people we love see us get married. Plus what girl doesn't want to wear her dress twice?! wink.gif


Now I wonder if I should get a separate dress for the TTD? Hmmm..



Anyways as you can tell I am SUPER DUPER excited! This is the best wedding related thing that's happened lately. We also got boxes in the mail today from our Registry. What a good day, maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket! lol



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YAY JL that is soooo much fun and very good, exciting news! you deserve some of that :)

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Oh this sounds just awesome!!! I would be super thrilled too! And it sounds so much like a celebrity wedding where nobody knows that the wedding is going to happen! :)


As for your dress, I say no. You have the amazing Elizabeth and you'll want to be wearing your amazing dress, not a dress that you are 'okay' with. You shouldn't trash it too much, it should be fine.

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