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Reception Location--Clubhotel


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Did any of you get married at RIU Negril Clubhotel? If so, did any of you have your reception at Sir Andrews or Shadows? Can you provide me w/any info. about either. I am getting married in less than 3 months and need to select a reception location. Thanks!!!!!!!!!smile29.gif

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We had our dinner at the Steakhouse, which I believe is called Shadows. It was on the second level. The meal, cocktails and cake were served at our table, however, the soup and salad are served buffet style on the main level.


The Steakhouse is an open-air restaurant, so there is no air conditioning. Our dinner was at 7pm so it had cooled off pretty well by then... no problems with the heat or being too hot. The meal was wonderful, most people opted for the steak, which was really good. I had the combination platter which had steak, chicken, shrimp and some sausage thing. I didn't eat the sausage thing, but the rest was delicious. They served champagne at dinner and cake was served shortly thereafter. Another thing is that the restrooms are located on the main level which wasn't any inconvenience to us, but just an FYI.


We didn't even go into Sir Andrews so I can't comment on that restaurant, sorry!

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