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DW leet speak LOL

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Hey I'm new to this forum and sometimes I see abbreviations for some things and I'm scratchin my head to figure out what they mean LOL

Ok here are some of the ones I don't know


FI = ??

ROR = ??


I know theres more but can someone give me answers to these and some others that I might come across and not know LOL....like I think FI means fiance however what does the I stand for? and what is a ROR wedding?

Sorry usually not a noob LOL cheesy.gifcheesy.gif

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ROR - Riu Ochos Rios, a popular resort in Jamaica.


If you do a search, there is a thread with all of the abbreviations defined.


If you look in the signature of any moderator (posts should be easy to find) there is a link to threads about how to work the forum.

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