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OOT bag items from Target...what to get?

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Ok here is the deal- went there today and there is 30% off stuff and they were unloading new stuff so I made of list of what I saw but it looks like there is more new stuff they are putting out (yay!)

30% off: spanish (and others) for dummies, tropical shirt photo frames in yellow or blue, new for

$2.50 spot: green, blue, and pink tin pails, travel size blankets, travel hair towels, new in

$1 spot: 2 pack journals (might be cute for BMs), cute note cards with fish or whales, manicure sets and pedicure sets

Those are just the things that I think would be good for OOT bags, but there is also St Paddys day stuff and other random things that you might find :)

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Originally Posted by beachbride2009 View Post
Thanks merocket! Target needs to get it's butt up here to Canada!!!
Totally agree!!! I keep seeing all the great stuff everyone gets from there and we never have things like that here. Even the dollar stores are limited. Good luck finding some great stuff. I can't wait till I can get down there myself and stock up on some things.

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