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What was your worst date EVER? (A little bit of Friday fun)

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In the spirit of Valentine's Day...


What was the worst date you have ever been on?


I was 19 or so and my BFF and I had met some guys that lived about an hour away on spring break...you already know it is going to be bad...


My date got sick and couldn't make it down. I wasn't really worried about it, we were just supposed to hang out. My BFF's date decides to bring another "friend" for me, without my knowledge. Turns out that the "friend" is actually his 30 year old bald boss.


BFF and I were working that night and had to stay a little later than expected. In the meantime the guys got into town early and decided to wait for us...AT THE STRIP CLUB! They were both hammered by the time we got there! BFF's date did tell me he was sorry that "friend" was not at all attractive, but it was ok because he had a lot of money and a nice car.


I spent the rest of the evening trying to pry the drunk old man off me while the other two made out.


So, the moral of the story is...If you have to pick your blind date up at the strip club, it is best to just skip it.

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My worst date ever turned into the best decision EVER! It was Cinco De Mayo 2006. I was out with my boyfriend at the time and my soon to be husband! Well, we were out with a BUNCH of friends and there was a lot of drinking! My boyfriend at the time had a BIG drinking problem, he was drinking about 3 pints of vodka a day, and we had rented a hotel room for everybody to go back to...well it had a little night club type thing and he wanted to go to it and I said I didn't want to...cause it was 3 in the morning and I had to be at work at 8 the next day! Well, he pinned me up against the wall and punched the wall next to my head and said he was going without me! I was like GOOD! So needless to say that was the moment I realized I didn't want to be with him. I left with Jeremy, because I was scared and he was the only one who saw what had happened. I have been with Jeremy ever since!


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A coworker set me up on a blind date with her very attractive (I saw pictures before the date) successful brother who works at the Pentagon.

I worked a trip so I could have a overnight where he lives.


He picks me up in a crappy looking car. -sorry but that was not attractive. Then we have to drive thru the ATM so he can withdraw money. -Okay why didn't he do that before hand.

Oh, his pants were completely wrinkle too??

At dinner he proceeds to tell me how "expensive" it is to date because you buy dinner for the girl & you don't hear back from them so you are back at square one?? blah.gif

YOU THINKhuh.gif

We had nothing in common & I was pretty sure that he knew that as well however it's time to drop me off at my hotel room and he ask if he can come upstairs to my room??


That was the last time I saw him!

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this is an easy one for me. My aunt that I NEVER talk to and am not close with at all. Decides to set me up on a blind date. I tried to get out of it but she started to bug my dad about it and my dad asked me just to go and if i dont like him fine at least i went. So my aunt tells me how this guy is really really handsome and how he made a ton of money (which i didnt really care about but i guess its better than him not working right?). So apparently i must of went to high school with this guy but he was a few years older than me. My high school was really big so i had no idea who he was but apparently he looked me up in the year book and knew who i was.


He called me a few days before the date and all he talked about on the phone was HIM and how much money he makes. I mean he talked about his money for like an hour.


I knew the date was going to suck after that conversation so the night before i went out with my friends and got totally hammered and didnt get home till 3am and got no sleep. So the night of the date i was completely hung over like going to hurl if i ate anything.


Anyways when he picks me up I'm shocked because the guy is about an inch shorter than me (and i'm only 5'4) and only weighs about 20lbs more than me (and at the time i was very thin). And no his face wasnt cute. I was like WTF was my aunt thinking, he's puney as all heck and not even cute too boot.


Well his car is a total clucker (which i was okay with) until we go to the bridge toll when he has to open his door to pay the toll because his window wont roll down. So mr. loaded cant even pay to get his window fixed for his car.


He took me to a phillies game and he proceeds to ask me if i'm from California because i look like a California girl. Which i thought was weird thing to say but whatever. So the whole game we barely have anything to say to each other. It felt like the longest game in history. And finally he gets a call from a coworker and says to his worker "i'm on a date with my future wife" I'm like what date are you on. We barely have anything to say. Oh and he was so obnoxious and conceited and i for the life of me couldnt figure out what he had to be conceited about.


I even went to the bathroom because i was at the point i was going to call someone to pick me up. I know thats messed up but he was so obnoxious i couldnt take it anymore. But unfortunately he followed me to the bathroom everytime i went and waited outside for me (which was actually very polite of him but i wanted to sneak out). So after the game i asked if he could take me striaght home because i felt really sick since i was out the night before. He didnt get the car to a full stop in front of my house when i opened my car door and ran to my front door and yelled "Thanks".


that was the worse date Ever. I dont know what my aunt was thinking but she doesnt really know me so i dont know why she thought she would know what kind of guy i would like.

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