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Riu Santa Fe Brides, Post Here!

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Hi Girls,

There is quite a bit of information on they're website www.mangowedding.net, not sure what the name of the package is I did but it was $2300 and included 4 hrs of photography and videography between 3-9pm, album with 150 prints, 1 hr edited dvd, cd of all photographs and original footage of videographer. Well worth the money, it is the best Wedding video we have ever seen and our guests have ever seen. I was a bit pensive at first as I hadn't budgeted much for this but i'm so glad we splurged, we can re-live that day for the rest of our lives!


Carly x

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Originally Posted by Ethan's Mommy View Post
Hi Kristen

So happy to hear that Nelly has been in touch. I have been pondering the English Patio as well, I just want to make sure we are able to have our first dance together as husband and wife, and a couple of other dances for the family. We actually went down to Panama a few years ago for my friends wedding and they just did their first dance and a couple of other dances right in the restaurant so to save some money we might just do it this way as well. We are just going with the free wedding package, the only thing that I really wanted was a good photographer, so we decided to go with Alec & T, and I am so excited, they take beautiful pictures and I can not wait to work with them. I to am getting very excited for the wedding, now that we are in the planning stages. This forum is so great, it is so nice to have people to talk to who are going through the same things.
Hi Melissa! Only 10 days away!!! Are you so excited?? I still have lots to do but am so excited to get to Cabo! I think we will see you at the airport! We'll be the loud and crazy group :)


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Hi Kristen


Yes, now that Christmas is over my attention is all on the Wedding, and we are all getting so excited. I also still have a lot to get done, I have bought all of my OTT bag items but I have to put them all together. And I also have to get my music down loaded onto my ipod. I have bought all of my material for my chair sashes, but I need to get it all cut and ready to go. It will be a great flight down if we are all on the same flight. We have 29 people coming down with us, this includes our 3 year old son and my 10 year old nephew. Hope you have a very safe and Happy New Year, see you soon :)

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Hi Ethan's mommy,


I am so excited for you! Your wedding is so close!!! We are getting married april 10th. I am trying to get my oot bags together...just wondering what you put in yours? When did you start hearing from the wedding coordinator at the santa fe?


Thank you,


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Hi Brooke

I can not believe we leave on Thursday. The time has come so fast, especially with the holidays, the month of December just flew by.

I did not hear from Nelly until late November. I actually sent her an e-mail just to touch base, then she sent me a large e-mail of all the information. She needed us to pick and choose what we were wanting for the wedding. I have not been in touch with her to much through this whole process, but I am hoping that when we get down there this week and have a sit down meeting with her that we can get everything sorted out. Most of my oot bag items are more for the women then the men, but I hope they all enjoy them.

Each bags consists of:

A bar of Dove Soap

Dove facial cleanser for the girls

Some axe body spray for the guys

Sunscreen Lip balm

A crossword book

A deck of cards

sample packs of advil, immodium, pepto

fish body luffa (bought this in buffalo, so cute)

first aid kits

scope & toothpaste (travel size)

calculators (my husbands idea, he felt that this would be good for guests trying to figure out the daily exchange. His one and only idea for the bags, gotta love him)

Magnets from vista print with our names and wedding dates on them

Our welcome letters


Water bottles( I bought them at Canadian Tire the week before Christmas. The were $12.99 on for $3.99 a bottle)

I think this is it. I am hoping they all enjoy them. I am actually giving them to everyone this week. I wanted to bring them down with us, but they would have weighed to much. Since we are only allowed a bag that weighs 44lbs, this is going to be hard enough to do without the bags.

I will post a review as soon as I can when we get back.

All the best with your planning


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Hey Melissa - WOW you have so many great items in your bags! Don't let your guests tell my guests what you gave them....they might be jealous :)


I put in my oot bags:




-chocolates, candy




-listerine pocket packs

-lip chap


The cards and crossword games are a great idea! I think I might try to add those :)


I think we're on the same flight (2:30PM on the 7th)- we have 28 guests but 2 are flying from different cities. I'm just using the chair decorations they have at the resort. I really don't have a preference on that stuff :) I just need to finish packing and I think I'm ready! See you at the airport...



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Hi Kristen


I just kept buying things as I came across them for the bags. I had bought the bags back in the summer, and they are pretty large. So I wanted to fill them as much as possible, I think they turned out pretty good. My one aunt was happy with the bag itself, she is going to use it for her carry on and then once we are down there she will use it as her beach bag. We are definately on the same flight, we have 27 that will be flying down with us on Thrusday and then two more will be flying in on the day of the wedding. I bought fabric at fabricland to use for the chair sashes, it is an organaza material, it just looks nice for the beach. I originally was going to go with their sashes but after I saw Carly's pictures of her wedding I just loved the look of the organza on the beach and I went and bought it. The rest of the wedding stuff I am not really stressing about, it will be on a beach and that is what we had planned so many years ago. I have my son all packed and ready to go, my husband is pretty much all packed, I on the other hand do not even know where to start. Hopefully I can get it all done tonight. We are heading to Toronto tomorrow night and spending the night at the Doubletree. We have family and friends flying in so we thought it would be nice to be there to spend some time with them. See you at the airport!!


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