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  1. Hey Melissa - WOW you have so many great items in your bags! Don't let your guests tell my guests what you gave them....they might be jealous I put in my oot bags: -sunscreen -lotion -gum -chocolates, candy -band-aids -rolaids -toothbrushes -listerine pocket packs -lip chap The cards and crossword games are a great idea! I think I might try to add those I think we're on the same flight (2:30PM on the 7th)- we have 28 guests but 2 are flying from different cities. I'm just using the chair decorations they have at the resort. I really don't have a preference on that stuff I just need to finish packing and I think I'm ready! See you at the airport... Kristen
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Ethan's Mommy Hi Kristen So happy to hear that Nelly has been in touch. I have been pondering the English Patio as well, I just want to make sure we are able to have our first dance together as husband and wife, and a couple of other dances for the family. We actually went down to Panama a few years ago for my friends wedding and they just did their first dance and a couple of other dances right in the restaurant so to save some money we might just do it this way as well. We are just going with the free wedding package, the only thing that I really wanted was a good photographer, so we decided to go with Alec & T, and I am so excited, they take beautiful pictures and I can not wait to work with them. I to am getting very excited for the wedding, now that we are in the planning stages. This forum is so great, it is so nice to have people to talk to who are going through the same things. Hi Melissa! Only 10 days away!!! Are you so excited?? I still have lots to do but am so excited to get to Cabo! I think we will see you at the airport! We'll be the loud and crazy group Kristen
  3. Hi Melissa, I've been talking to Nelly - I finally got a hold of her (thank you so much for offering your help)! I'm making the arrangements now for our ceremony & dinner. Our ceremony is for 4pm on the 11th. I'm going to see if I can book the English patio for dancing but not sure if we can. We have 24 guests (26 of us in total) but we may have a few others join last minute. I don't have the exact details on our flights yet but we are definitely leaving on the 7th and departing on the 14th. Getting very excited - 59 more days!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ethan's Mommy We also finally booked our date, we will be getting married January 11,2010 at 2:00pm on the beach. Hi! Sorry I didn't read your reply till now - I haven't gotten through the entire forum yet and trying to catch up! I see you changed your wedding day from the 11th to the 12th? I have tried to email Nelly but no response. Everyone keeps saying that the WCs are so responsive and helpful but I have not had much luck so far. I am not getting quick responses or responses at all! Does anyone know the phone number to reach Nelly? Will it help if I call her directly? Yes we are leaving for Cabo from Toronto on Jan 7th as well! I wonder if we'll be on the same flight!!
  5. Thank you! I have sent an email to make an appointment....or is it better to make a phone call? Kristen
  6. Hi there! I am getting married at the Riu Sante Fe in January 2010 (11th to be exact:-) Nice to meet you virtually! I'd love to get some advice on what to do about the reception / dance after the ceremony and dinner.....is it really pricy to get an outside private area for a dance or renting out the resort disco? Thanks! Kristen
  7. Hi - I'm wondering if anyone has had their hair done by the resort salon (Riu Sante Fe, Los Cabos) and if you had a good experience? Or did you do your own hair or have a friend do it for you? I'm trying to figure out if I should schedule an appointment (or multiple appointments with the resort salon - do a trial-run) or if I should just try to do my own hair? Thanks! Kristen
  8. Hi All, My name is Kristen and I'm getting married in Los Cabos - Riu Sante Fe on January 11, 2010! It's only a couple months away and I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing! Hopefully I can get some help on this forum Kristen
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