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WHY does my temlpate not want to work :(

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! so i'm trying to accomplish some of my "STD" just to starting thinking

about what i like.. so i found a wonderful template by Alyee


DIY: Boarding Pass Invitation / Save The Date - Aylee Bits


But when i dl'ed on my comp, on the template under where it says "staple here" & where it says like add text here, where i want to put like Tyler & Nicole.. the text is not centered and it overlaps the "staple here" sad.gif and i dont know what i'm doing wrong, i THOUGHT i was pretty crafty to start out like i scrap book everyday.. and cross stitch and everything and make home made cards! but something so simple, it's just not working, can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?


! i cant wait to hear if anyone can help me .. i'm such a tool! nothing wants to work! lol!




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Hello Ladies, I downloaded the templates and was able to manipulate them ok. Feel free to PM me and maybe I can help you out. Or you can look me up on AOL messanger, "zethers"

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