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St. John USVI Villas

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We will have 12 guest at our wedding we were calculating the cost of having all the guest stay at a villa when it comes down to it $500 per guest was our thoughts. If you had your wedding on a beach (which one) and all guest staying at the same villa with you let me know how it went.


honeymoon at another villa might be a small option, however we have been together for 10 years now so it is not such a big deal (might be even more costly than we want for "one night") We are more interested in having our guest enjoy a week-long vacation.


Beach wedding- villa reception (private chef)


send me some reviews




flowers (have no clue on this one)


photography (thinking maybe blueglass)




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Hi Rosewolf,


I am useless when it comes to villas since we are all staying at a campground for our May St. John wedding but I have researched everything else extensively. I'd say Greg Kinslow is your go to guy for music The music of greg kinslow -a professional musician, bandleader and music coordinator based in st. john - us, virgin islands, providing musical, dj services and entertainment for weddings and special events.. He can do everything from classical quartet to live 5 piece band to steel pan to DJ. For flowers, there are two florists on St. John: Passion flowers(stjohn.com) and Todays Flowers (3406938015). I have yet to order my flowers but I was thinking about going with Passion based on the more modern look of their site. For cakes there is Chef Seamus Mulcare who is the husband of one of the more popular wedding planners. I am using him (stjohncakes.com) because he delivers for free to the restaurant at which I am having my reception. However, Katilady does cakes in addition to full wedding planning. (katilady.com). I am renting equipment for the ceremony from Katilady (chairs, table, coolers, glasses). We are using Gary Felton as our photographer (I think he was $900 for one hour with rights); my photographer fiance picked him out.


As for reception I highly recommend Rhumblines restaurant in Cruz Bay. Checkout Rhumblinesstjohn.com and click on their special events list. It is actually very affordable for St. John even though it starts at $45 per person. Their 2009 prices are actually a little higher than listed. However, Hilary has been awesome to work with so far and I have read some rave reviews of receptions held there. She does decorating and ambiance for you too.


We're doing our ceremony on Big Maho beach which will be nice because it is less crowded and has roadside parking.


I have a lot more info if you have specific questions. One other idea I'll mention is that we are using Pyros of the Caribbean troupe for an hour long fire/pirate show during dinner. Should be interesting....pyrosofthecaribbean.com I think.



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My wedding is not until June of 2010, but we recently went to St. John to scope things out and make some decisions. Here is our (somewhat) tentative plan.


Wedding and accommodations at Gallow's Point, Cruz Bay. At first I was all about a beach wedding but Gallows has a beautiful peninsula between the ocean and the bay. So it's a rocky point, lovely. All of our guests (50) will be staying at Gallows Point. It is a bit more expensive than we would like but we had too many people to get a villa, which we looked into. Also, our friends and family are definitely into bar hopping and Gallows in within easy walking distance of town. When my fiance and I were there, we rented a car for a few days to explore the island and spent a few days carless, which you can do if you are in town. Hopefully this will work for our guests and save them a little money. We are planning on having our reception dinner at The Balcony Restaurant in Cruz Bay. We heard that it used to be THE PLACE but recently the owner has acquired a few more restaurants on the island and the quality of hte restaurant has diminished. However, when we went there the food was GREAT, the owner was extremely nice and professional and the restaurant is just what we are looking for. It is the perfect size and we would have the whole place and they will give us menu prices without a restaurant buyout. (it usually seats 57 and we will have 50) I love boats and the 2nd floor harbor view is gorgeous. (we wanted a boat reception but we have a few close friends with seasickness issues so it was shelved) After the reception we are just planning to go downstairs to the Beach Bar and they said we can set up some tables on the beach to congregate. We are planning a welcome cocktail hour at the Fish Trap Restaurant, an open bar and a few hundred dollars of appetizers (the people there were SO nice and flexible, the place has a nice laid back ambiance)


I am in LOVE with the work of photographer Greer Rivera: www.greerrivera.com - Greer Rivera-Photographer-St.John Virgin Islands Martha's Vineyard Wedding Photographer


but she is NOT cheap. That decision might have to be made later, as we see how our budget holds up. Thanks for the info about Gary Felton, I'll check him out.


Flowers: I have no idea, I have looked at Passion Flowers and it seems fine. Honestly, we are not that into the flowers and decorations so it will likely only be a bouquet. We looked into Seamus Mulcare for cakes as well, mostly because there aren't too many choices of places that will deliver them to restaurants (that we found online). Again, we will probably be getting something pretty simple, so I'm not too worried about the cake. As a favor we are putting a case of Virgin Island beer in everyone's fridge and leaving a beach tote with some small island essentials in them (underwater camera, island info, other stuff I haven't figured out yet)


We went there and fell in love with the island but all of the plans we have come across are completely different than ours. We are pretty laid back and really just want all of our friends and family to have a good excuse for a great vacation together. We are all coming down Saturday (Brad and I are going a day or 2 earlier), having the wedding on Sunday and then just chillin the rest of the week. I bet you didn't want this much info!

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@@rosewolf Which villa did you end up using? I was unable to find a villa that would allow me to just rent out for the weekend vs for an entire week. Did you use a private chef? Can you post photos somewhere? It would be very helpful!

@@Bremily Can you give me any more details about your wedding? If you have any photos of your wedding it would be really appreciated! Where did you end up having your wedding and reception?

@rosewolf Can you elaborate on the group you used for your show? It sounds like it would be very entertaining! 

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