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  1. So glad you asked this question because I am actually stuck on the same thing right now! I ordered derby hats (big floppy sun hats) from marleylilly.com with their initials on them, but I would like to get them something else... maybe a beach towel? I look forward to seeing what others suggest!
  2. How do you load photos in a comment? I want to share my passport invites as they are very similar to these, but I cannot figure out how to share photos. Thanks!
  3. @@MiNole19 Hi! We are still trying to figure out our transportation for the day of our ceremony. There is a public ferry that goes back and forth between st thomas and st john, but we are considering getting a private boat for transportation the day of! I will keep you posted! Janelle from Island Bliss Weddings has been a Godsend. She is getting our ceremony details together. Where are you getting married? And where are you staying? @@nurselaura oh my! good luck with everything! I feel like a year can go by so so fast!!
  4. Hi All! We recently went "live" with our wedding website and I am looking for feedback! http://www.weddingwire.com/doughertypartyoftwo Any and all feedback would be appreciated! Thanks so much guys! -Morgan
  5. I love wedding wire! I am actually looking for feed back on our wedding website I just created: (I can't figure out how to import the actual link, but if you copy and paste it should work!) www.doughertypartyoftwo.com Thanks so much -Morgan
  6. looking for feed back on our wedding website I just created. www.doughertypartyoftwo.com Thanks so much -Morgan
  7. Hi All! We are heading to St Thomas on May 3-11 & staying at the Marriott. Our ceremony will take place on St John on Trunk Bay, while our reception dinner will take place back in St Thomas. The logistics of this completely concerned me. I am just getting the major planning things accomplished right now. We just chose to have our dinner after the ceremony at Havana Blue in St Thomas. The great part is they have their own wedding planner through the restaurant. We are using one planner for our ceremony and one for our dinner. Getting very excited!
  8. @@dreamweddings @@trbutler @ @@KWitt @TiarraBeautyJ We now have: a ceremony location: Trunk Bay St John USVI we are staying at the marriott in st thomas our post ceremony dinner & beach party will be at havana blue (they had our date open!!! OMG!) I have a dress our flights are booked Still waiting on invitations and to get our groomsmen attire... Unfortunately for me I started on the fun DIY stuff first. FAIL. I do have my welcome bags almost complete as well!
  9. @@amarie4713 do you think resorts sell cases of bottled water? Maybe i could run to a grocery store down there?
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