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Originally Posted by Maya28 View Post
OMG ladies, i just think it's a little sad that we would judge Rihanna. In all truth and honesty..I feel kinda sad for her that she would go back with Chris Brown (if that is true) but Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged!
sorry but im judging. cant help it.
and go ahead and judge me back, i can honestly say that i know better than to make a stupid choice like that after being beaten down once. one time is one time too many. if she chooses to go back to him she is just opening the opportunity for him to do it again. she is better off without him even if he never does it again.

off my soapbox now.

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I just think it's easy for us to say what we would or would not do. Everyone's heard the quote "easier said then done".


As for her dad, I'm not sure that he's making it easy for her. We don't know what type of conversation they had behind closed doors. He could have begged her not to back to Chris but as you said he can't control her. Rihanna is a grown woman and she has to make her own decision (unfortunately in life we don't always make the best decision).


So my question is...what do u do if you have a girlfriend or an adult daughter in this situation. Because we all know that love is blind. Do u stop being her friend or disown your daughter because she won't leave her bf/fiancee/husband w/e?


And Jacquline since you were in a similar situation did you listen to your loved ones when they were looking out for your best interest. I just think its a really hard and frustrating situation. I don't think what you said was harsh at all I can understand your frustration, and I'm sorry to hear that u were in a situation like Rihanna, if anything I would think you would be a little more sympathetic. I'm glad you got out and I hope she gets a reality check too before it's too late!!


Soooo ummm, what exactly does KWIM mean??

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Maya - check out the link in my (or any other mod) for helpful threads about the forum. One that stands out that you could benefit from is the "Abbreviations" thread.


kwim, means know what i mean

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They finally went through with it...


Singer Chris Brown has been charged by the Los Angeles District Attorney with two felonies: felony assault and making criminal threats. Brown will be arraigned this afternoon. Rihanna may not be testifying against him, but she is listed as the victim in the case under the name “Robyn F†(her full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty).


If found guilty, Brown could face a maximum of four years and eight months in prison. [TMZ]

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tell it alyssa! i agree :)

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Wow. The details are horrendous. That is such a sucky situation for all involved and I wish she hadn't forgiven him so easily.


Also, as an FYI, there were some comments made by a previous poster about her own experience in a physically abusive relationship. At her request, I removed those comments. So for anyone that saw them before, it would be great if they weren't referenced again so her story isn't out there for the world to see.

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