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  1. I'm not sure if anyone is considering rescheduling but per CNN FYI-airlines are waiving fees for US travel to Mexico U.S. airlines waive fees for passengers traveling to Mexico - CNN.com
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by CDNgroom I know it may be a bit early to start getting anxious about this, but is anybody else worried about going to Mexico in the next few weeks because of the swine flu? We are leaving for Mexico on May 14 so we are definitely hoping the situation in Mexico gets better by then and not worse. There is no formal travel advisory as of now, but we wanted to know if anybody is thinking of changing their plans last minute? How do people feel about this? We are actually traveling through Mexico City, so we are extra worried! Thanks! Meagan OMG!! I'm a totally freakin out about this flu. The media is calling it a possible pandemic. WTF! I'm getting married 2 days after you CDNgroom and I am totally reconsidering cancelling my wedding. I'm also taking my kids and so is my best friend. I'M A WRECK!!!
  3. Maya28

    In love with Mexico...

    Welcome Melissa!! I'm getting married in Aventura Spa Resort. Do you have any good info for me?
  4. Maya28

    Hello Everyone, I'm new!

    Congrats and Welcome to the site!! I'm sure you'll enjoy and find many of the post useful. ENJOY!
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    Welcome and Congrats J! I'm sure you'll enjoy this site. It's addicting!
  6. I think you should go for it!!! I'm actually doing my TTD before my wedding because my photographer won't be able to do it the day after the wedding but doing a TTD was a MUST!!!
  7. Sounds like you ladies have had a really good experience on purchasing rings online. I guess I would just be a bit nervous purchasing jewlery online.
  8. Maya28

    Maya Riviera Wedding- Please help!

    Hi Lori! I am also a Riviera Maya bride. I will be married 22 May 09, at Aventura Spa Resort. You will find this site very helpful. There are many DIY brides on this site so if you need help with anything...just ask...someone will point you in the right direction. Congrats and Welcome!!
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    Soon to be Mrs. Hockey!!!!

    Congrats and Welcome Jannel! I'm sure you'll find this site helpful, especially if your a DIY bride. There are many brides with great ideas!!
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    Newbie from Denver....wedding in Cabo!

    Welcome Angela and Congrats!! I'm sure you'll find this site very helpful. There are many great ideas and many helpful brides. ENJOY!!
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    Welcome Amanda! I agree with Jeremy, it's never too early to begin wedding planning. I'm sure you find this site useful especially if your a DIY bride!! ENJOY
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    Another Newbie!

    Hi Melissa and Congrats! Welcome to the site. I'm sure you find it very helpful, especially if your a DIY bride.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Nikki07 Yeah.... $500! Ridiculous is exactly right! I would have only gone for the half day package except that by the time we add on the $500 fee and the extra for the TTD (which is cheaper if you book the full package), it was only a matter of a few hundred dollars difference. So we're splurging for the full package which I almost feel bad about doing as our group is really small so it seems like overkill, but I'm a picture freak so it's the only thing I'm really going overboard with. Don't worry about your pictures!! I'm sure they'll come out just how you want them! FI and I are not photogenic at ALL, so I'm banking on MTM to do their magic with us, and boy do they have their work cut out for them! But I'm confident that I will love them! Can't wait to see yours! OMG Nikki07!! I am the same boat as you! We are having a small wedding as well but I did have to splurge a little on my pictures. I'm also having MTM do my pics in May. I'm really nervous on the outcome. My FI and I will have to do our TTD in different outfits besides our wedding outfits because we are booking them last minute and they were booked the day after so they are going to come a day or two before the actual wedding (they are very accomodating-THANK GOD FOR THAT!)
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    Sand Ceremony Set

    I don't think it has to be an epic. You could put your favorite picture of the both of you and I'm sure it would look just as nice!!
  15. Maya28

    Sand Ceremony Set

    Thank you litl_april! I'm going to order the sandframe for my May 09 wedding A.S.A.P. I love the idea!!! (I'm so XCITED-singing and dancing)