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25 Random Things About You...

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Here's mine from FB:


1. I regret not becoming a vet or a RCMP officer.


2. I would love to have more pets.


3. I had laser eye surgery in 2002.


4. I use to be nicknamed "Mute" at one point when I was younger... I was super shy and barely spoke.


5. I lowest weight I have ever been at my height (5'7") was 104lbs when I was about 15.


6. I found my first pet hanging from my parents' patio.. he was about 13 years old... it was a tramatic experience for me.


7. I total my first vehicle 2 months after my final payment.


8. In grade 8 I went to Florida for 3 weeks in May, then a week later in school I had my collar bone broken and was off for the rest of the year... I didn't have to write my final exams and still graduated with honours.


9. I have 2 tattoos, and would like to get at least 2 more.


10. I love cartoons.


11. I had the half top part of my left middle finger half cut off once.


12. I have poor night vision... so I hate to drive at night.


13. I've been dying my hair since I was 13.


14. I use to be afraid of the dark growing up... even in my eary teens.


15. I collect coins.


16. I still have my old Alf and Garbage Pail Kids cards.


17. I hate needles, but I still have given blood and had piercings.


18. I use to excel in French and struggled in English in school.


19. I have never gotten a speeding ticket in my life... even when I have been 35km/h over a limit... just verbal warnings or had the lights flashed to tell to slow down.


20. I use to be a gym junkie... and use to be quite muscular for a girl.


21. I never have experienced a massage.


22. I've been to more funerals than weddings.


23. Mark is the only guy I have ever dated.


24. Mom said I started walking around 9 months old, but didn't start talk til 2 years old.


25. I have death dreams often... you don't actually die in real life if you die in your dreams liek they use to say... but it's still weird... I'm aware what is going on but can't talk, move, anything... or I become a ghost... weird I know...lol

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