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Official PV Riu Thread (Discussion here for Riu Vallarta, Jalisco & Pacifico Palace)

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I used the one in the Riu Jalisco for my hair, and they did a great job! It wasn't the hairstyle I wanted, because I didn't bring a picture, and the hairdresser didn't speak English. I just picked a new one from the magazines they had, and all was well!

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I've been trying to book with Renova but there is some confusion on what is included with our package and what isn't. Did anyone else have this problem?


I'm getting my hair done the week before by my usual girl so that we can take pictures.

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Ok, so I'm FREAKING OUT. My sister just found this on FunJet's website:


Updated: 4/30/2009 Due to the temporary closure of the Riu Vallarta guests due to arrive 5/4/09 through 5/21/09 will be upgraded to the Riu Palace Pacifico. TEMPORARY CANCEL/REBOOK POLICIES Policy Expires: 5/6/09 Valid for Travel: 4/28/09 - 6/26/09 Cancelation Fees: Will be waived No Show Fees: Standard fees apply Early Departure Fees: Will be waived Re-bookings: Fees will be waived, new rates will apply. The new reservation must be booked before 5/6/2009 Valid for travel 5/1/2009- 6/26/2009 Please contact our customer care center to handle the adjustment. Subject to availability

Funjet Vacations


Has anyone else heard about this? My travel agent isn't calling me back so I can't get any answers from her. Does anyone know why RIU Vallarta is closed but not Jalisco or Pacifico?


Also, I can't get the wedding coordinators to email me back. I want to confirm the following:

- poolside reception

- dinner reservation

- total number of guests (we have 70!!)

- table setup (I need to make a seating chart)


Does anyone have suggestions on what to do? Is it normal that I don't have any of those items confirmed?

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Oh no! I don't really have too much advise. The Pacifico would be an upgrade and I imagine they are consolidating the guests into two hotels instead of three, because of low occupancy. The Pacifico is further down the beach from the Vallarta/Jalisco - we walked down there to have a look but it was under construction.


Have you tried emailing the co-ordinators yourself? Maybe Celina has a phone number so you can try contacting them that way? With that many guests I think I would want some of your reception details confirmed. . .


I would keep trying to get your travel agent to get some answers for you.


I don't really know what else to say. . . good luck and keep us updated!


I just checked and I have a telephone number that was for Erica but maybe it would be the same for Jessica? Here it is anyway:


Erika Cruz

Wedding Coordinator

Hotels Riu Jalisco and Riu Vallarta


Tel: +52 322 226 6600

Fax: +52 322 226 6610

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Thanks Helen!

You were right about the low occupancy. My sister was able to find out that was why they are upgrading people. It would nice if we all get upgraded. I'm just a bit nervous for what that means for my wedding and reception.


I'm going to try to give Jessica a call and see if I can get through. Fingers crossed!

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Hi. Having just returned from the Riu Vallarta for my daughter's wedding, we left right when the swine flu scare was starting. They were going to close both the Vallarta and the Jalisco and upgrade people to the Pacifico because of low occupancy. They were going to use this time to do some upgrading and work around the place. Jessica is a very hard person to get ahold of, but once you do, she will be very helpful. What might help is if you email the head of all Riu Resorts wedding coordinator. I believe the website is the one that you originally used when you first booked the wedding. By contacting her and putting "URGENT" in the message box, we heard from them right away. Good luck

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