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How long to travel to ROR

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There are a lot of factors that could affect travel time. On our way from the airport to ROR, we stopped once for beer and once to pee and it took about an hour and a half. On the way back to the airport it was less than that. Both times the roads were dry and traffic was light.

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Originally Posted by blurt View Post
Hi, could anyone tell me how long it takes from the airport to ROR, I have heard about 2 hours is this right ?
Are you arranging private transportation for you & your group or are you going to be traveling with others where you are going to make stops at other resorts?
I think that if you're just traveling with your group directly to ROR, then the ride is less than 2 hours. For us I'd say it was about an hour & a half and we didn't stop at all.
The ride would be longer if you're making stops & dropping off other travelers at different resorts.
I also think that the times of day that you are traveling makes a difference, especially in terms of how much traffic there will be.

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