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  1. Have you had any luck finding a photographer for a TTD session? We were married at ROR almost 2 years ago and HATE our pictures. I'm thinking about doing a TTD when we go back in June. I've sent an inquiry to Marcia Roberts to see if she would be interested. The wait begins!
  2. I know i'm a bit late to the party but i wanted to add that we didn't pay for anything with cash. We paid the entire thing by credit card (visa or m/c, can't remember which!) we did have to do 2 separate transactions though. Extras that we paid for are flowers and steel drum band. As for making your own beach reception, i am not sure if you'll have access to power if you do it on your own. The normal area where they set up the beach party is right below a bar and the show stage. THere is easy access to beverages (which they don't want you bringing the glasses on to the beach) but you will hear the shows as well. I would think that hanging out by the pool would be a little quieter but it is further from the open bars.
  3. I realize most of you are already married at this point but for anyone else who might end up reading this thread... Don't expect the co-ordinators to contact you. For things like reserving the Plantation or SeaGrape or a pool side reception, send an email as soon as you receive confirmation of your date & time to book those. For everything else, you will take care of that at your meeting at the resort. Try to arrange your meeting with Chandlyn before you leave home, maybe like a week or 2 in advance. If you have any questions ask here first, you will likely get a response MUCH quicker than trying to go through Chandlyn.
  4. When you check in, ask for a room on the inside of the horseshoe, overlooking the pool (these have an ocean view.) The outside rooms can be very noisy because they overlook the show stage or a neighboring bar (with a sideways look off the balcony, you can see the ocean.) You likely won't be able to see a lot of ocean on the 1st level of any room, the higher up you are, the better the view.
  5. The time between will fly by, trust me! Our ceremony was at 2pm and i wish we would have had another hour at least to take some more pictures. Our guests mostly sat around at the pool bar and visited (and drank!)
  6. We got married at ROR on May 5th last year. The forecast leading up to our trip was rainy too, i warned everyone that i wasn't flying to Jamaica to get married inside so bring an umbrella!! HAHAHA!! Truthfully though, it rained only twice the entire week we were there, once it sprinkled like 12 drops then stopped, the second time, it downpoured for about 20 minutes. It rains a lot more up in the hills but that's far away from where you will be. Have a fantastic time, and if it does happen to rain while you're there, remember, it could be worse! You could be at home, not getting married in mexico! ETA: as you can see in my siggie pic, the skies were blue! This is what it was like for 99.9% of our trip. Here's hoping it's the same for you!
  7. I would do it again for sure! I loved the resort. It's a perfect destination wedding resort! If I were to change anything though, i would have hired a professional photographer rather than having my uncle (who is a professional photographer) do our photography. He missed out on so many special moments and the pictures turned out really crappy and i can't really get mad because he did it for free. I would also be more forceful with chandlyn and nikesha, i feel like they neglected us big time because we were fairly laid back and easy going.
  8. Check your liquor stores at home. You should be able to buy the sangster's rum cream there. I've seen it in almost every liquor store I've been in since. (I discover this AFTER lugging homes everal bottles!)
  9. We chose ROR because it was the first to get back to us with availability! Hahaha! Montego Bay wasn't open yet and they were renovating one of the Riu's in Negril. I guess that means we had fewer options then. We really liked the Riu chain. The hotel was beautiful, food was great, service was really good, we all had a great time. I'm sure you'll love any Riu that you choose! I second the advice to look at pictures on TripAdvisor, man, i love that site!
  10. I'm glad you had such a great time. Are you going to post some pictures? I'd love to see what i missed out on!
  11. From my fridge ;-) Try a craft store if your fridge is void of magnets.
  12. if the magnet will hold a few pieces of paper to the refridgerator, it should keep the a/c on!
  13. The magnet we used was about the diameter of nickel. The surface area doesn't matter so much as the strength, a flimsy magnet won't likely work.
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by chicklet My advice to you in regards to tipping chandlyn, michael etc is to wait until their services are fully complete and give it exactly to them. I believe the tip I gave to Michael may have not gotten to him. I'll second this advice. Chandlyn's tip stayed nicely in my wallet since she couldn't be bothered to help with our wedding but was in a big hurry to attend another couple's rehearsal instead. We would tip the bartenders and servers $1 here or there, they really seemed to appreciate it. I tipped the salon girls $20 each for mani/pedi/hair/makeup for my MOH and I, they seemed extremely grateful. Tour guides/operators expect to be tipped, they earn very small wages and survive on those tips.
  15. Oh yeah, i suppose i should have mentioned that we had a private transfer. We used Lee's. They're pretty accomodating.
  16. I used a combo of my stuff and theirs. I brought my own mascara and foundation (mattefying to prevent sweat shine!) They did a much better job than I could ever do!
  17. I remember reading that before our wedding and asked the same question!! You can (and we did) have my husband's brother sign our marriage license. You can be related to your witnesses. No worries!
  18. There are a lot of factors that could affect travel time. On our way from the airport to ROR, we stopped once for beer and once to pee and it took about an hour and a half. On the way back to the airport it was less than that. Both times the roads were dry and traffic was light.
  19. I'm sorry your big day (or trip) didn't turn out as expected. I know how disapointing that can be. Chandlyn treated us pretty horribly actually. She pawned us off on her (at the time) new assistant who didn't know anything. She told us the wrong restaurant for dinner! My flowers too were brown and wilted when they were delivered just minutes before the ceremony and Chandlyn never came to get us in the room as we had arranged at our meeting! We just wandered down on our own because I didn't want to be late for my own wedding! And speaking of weddings, we also ordered the civil ceremony but didn't write our own vows. Be happy you did because our ceremony was ladden with religion and neither of us are religious, it felt awkward really. The biggest snub though, was when Nikki ran past us at our reception saying she had to go to a rehearsal but would be back shortly to talk to us and then we didn't see her the rest of the night! The servers at the restaurant knew nothing about our cake or champagne. Luckily my husband's brother went a little best-manzilla and found us cake and champagne but that was something the wedding coordinator definitely should have had under control. I was also disapointed because we didn't get an upgrade or see any of the surprise gifts that other brides talk about. And like you, our guests got better rooms and flowers and towel animals and we got ants. I did insist they switch us from our original room though because it over looked the show stage and was really darn noisy all night, but even that was a hassle! All in all, we did enjoy our trip though. Luckily we werent' expecting perfection with a destination wedding. The way I see it, it's still better than anything we could have put together at home! I think every resort will have it's quirks but it sounds like you really got the short end of the stick. It sounds like the service at ROR has been really inconsistent. Sorry!
  20. Don't worry about disposable cups. Most of the time you'll get a proper glass or a reuseable plastic cup for your drinks (one exception might be the beach party.) I think including cups in your OOT bags is a great idea though. We made travel mugs and everyone got quite a kick out of them and used them the whole week! It helped people who didn't know each other before the wedding to recognize each other. I say go for it! It's not tacky, the bartenders will gladly fill them for you and your guests.
  21. Cake we asked for (and brought pictures of)... Cake we received... Oh, we ordered chocolate and ended up with white cake with strawberry filling, at least it tasted good! ETA: No rum in the cake, well, unless you ask for it!
  22. For anyone considering doing the bridal package. Our appointment was at 9:30am and we didn't get back to the room to get dressed until 1:30pm, our wedding was at 2!!!! Talk about a stressful 30 minutes. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get ready. That's one regret I have about the day. I really would have like to been able to get some pictures of my dress hanging, shoes, flowers, getting ready, some pictures by myself in my dress but there was no time.
  23. I had my makeup done at the spa as well. My MOH and I did the bridal package which was hair, make-up, manicure and pedicure. I think it was around $160/person at the time. I brought some of my own make up, mascara and mattefying foundation (which i bought specifically for the wedding, i never wear make up!) I was worried about eye germs for the mascara and matching my skin tone for the foundation. Nicole at the spa did a great job with my make up and made it look very natural (except the lipstick which i wiped off!) It stayed in place all day with no melting. It was worth it for me because I'm totally clueless about makeup and it was pretty fun too!
  24. You need to send notarized PHOTOCOPIES of your birth certificate and passports. The notary will put their seal on the photocopy to certify that it is a true copy of the original. No need to send your actual birth certificate and passport to Jamaica!
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