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Im a Newbie!

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Hi everyone,


My name is Krissy and I'm from Chicago. I'm planning a DW for May of this year (I know it's pretty soon)! The problem is that my fiance and I want a Catholic wedding, at a destination. This is probably not that common, so I was hoping to find some good information from others who may have done this, or just general info on resorts, etiquette, etc. I'm looking into the Punta Cana and Jamaica right now. Any help would be appreciated!!

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Hi Krissy!


I think what you are asking is pretty common...


What I would do is go to the Jamaica sub-foum and do a search for "catholic". Check out the resulting threads and you will most likely find your answer. Give it a try!

In the mean time, welcome to the forum and happy planning! smile29.gif

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