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I will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico THIS weekend. Any requests?


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Paul and I decided a couple days ago to make our already hectic life just a little more hectic and attend our company's 1st annual all-company meeting in Puerto Rico this weekend. So, I leave Friday morning, and come back Sunday evening. Like I don't have enough going on!


Anyway, I just thought I'd put this out here and see if anyone wanted me to scope anything out - I am not even sure we have any PR brides ... ? It will be a very short weekend, and busy with meetings, so I don't know how much free time I will have. But here is what I know ...


- we are staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Juan

- we're having a "poolside" dinner on Friday evening, I assume at the hotel

- on Saturday evening, we're heading into Old San Juan for cocktails at Cafe Amapola, and have negotiated a corkage fee for our group

- we're then having dinner at Sophia's

- there will be "fun, gambling, disco, salsa, etc." at Ols San Juan Hotel after dinner


Let me know if there's anything I can do while I am there, and I will do my best to help out my BDW sisters (and brothers)!

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Originally Posted by mexicomelissa View Post
Can you bring me back a good looking Puerto Rican pool boy? cheesy.gif
holy cow you havent even been married that long!!!!!

you should just go and have a great relaxing time ann! enjoy yourself. dont think about weddings dont think about doing anything for anyone. give yourself a break girl.

it sounds lovely. i think im going to plan an all-company meeting somewhere - haha! in greece!
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Originally Posted by akh View Post
lol - dork! i guess when you're your own company, you can have a meeting anywhere!

that's what i am afraid of - i won't be able to relax and i will just be thinking of all the things i SHOULD be doing back home!
it might not be as hard as you think. just give yourself this weekend. have some alone time with paul. promise yourself before you go that you will kick it into high gear when you return. you dont know how many couples i talk to say the had to just get away and be alone and forget all the wedding stuff for a weekend. usually pretty close to the wedding date too!

im that way with my work. i have to leave town on a non-shooting related trip to truly unwind. my hubby and i drove up to santa barbara easter weekend. i didnt even take the computer :) unfortunately i can still check my email on my phone. but most people email me during the work week - while they are at work!
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good point -and i agree, paul and i do need some down time together. any time we're together (only weekends, at most) it's all about getting the house put together. sadly, i haven't been doing much wedding related - so not a problem stepping away from that!


but since it's a work-related weekend, and work is one of my biggest stresses, i bet i won't be able to completely relax! woe is me ...

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