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Mood Changing Cup- Punta Cana Brides

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hey ladies!!!!!

sorry, been finishing up a big project for school so i've been a little busy!!! but im here now!


All the logos look great!!! Good job Christina!! :)


To be perfectly honest though, im not too too crazy about the three starfish in the most recent logo..... i like either the just the starfish logo on the first page, the single palm tree (very first graphic), or the most recent graphic with the palm trees but maybe with only one star fish??


like the other ladies, i also think i like the fonts from the first graphics better too!


One question for Christina - where were you able to find the the palm tree graphic from the first logo? and what style is the font?? I love love love that look and was thinking of using it for out own monogram!!


Thanks :)

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Option B is my favorite. I find the lettering in C a bit hard to read. But they do all look great! Hopefully we can get enough people together so we can order these.

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