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    Crazy Crazy Crazy Bridesmaid!!!

    We have a guest that is going on our trip that is EXACTLY the same. She wants to know what time we are eating breakfast, thinks we should decide what resturants we want to do each night before we go etc... Everytime she brings these things up we just tell her that everyone can plan their own vacation and if they are doing somethings she wants to do she can join them, or she can make plans and people will go with her if they want. I think she is just really excited to go!
  2. We are taking the centerpieces for the reception. I'm so worried about them breaking (it's a glass vase and it will have a candle, sand and starfish inside. Six of our guests are leaving from the same city as us so I'm hoping to split them up between everyone!
  3. One of our cats does the same thing. Our vet told us to buy the biggest size cat food we can find so that the cat is forced to chew it instead of swallowing it whole like he was. It has helped a bit since it takes him longer to eat now.
  4. Riley

    Symbolic wedding

    I really hope that the record of Solemnization of Marriage is enough because we leave for DR on April 25th and we are currently going to City Hall on April 24th! I have heard of people getting legally married when they get back so hopefully it won't be a problem!
  5. I hope we can find some other girls who are interested! Hopefully this will work out!
  6. I'm still in for 25-30 as long as we get enough people soon.
  7. What if we forget about the color changing cups and just went with a stadium cup type idea? Take a look at some of these links and let me know what you think... eBay Store - Factory 21 Promotional Items: Shot Glasses, Steins, Pub Glasses Custom Plastic Cups & Custom Stadium Cups @ CustomStadiumCup.com Personalized Plastic Stadium Cups from Stadium Cups . com Design Custom Printed Big Plastic Stadium Cups Online at CustomInk (this one you need to design the cup and send it to them for a quote) Would you guys be interested in doing something like this? I searched around but can't find a smaller quantity of color changing cups. Let me know what everyone thinks.
  8. We had our bands custom made and we paid $350 for his ( a mix of white and yellow gold) and about $500 for mine. (a channel set yellow gold band with 10 inset small diamonds). It was actually going to cost more to buy similar rings from People's than it cost to have them custom made!
  9. Christina, I like the second one, but that's probably because it is pretty much what we are using. I find that the wording in A seems to be saying you will not be an individual again and only will ever be viewed as a couple. The wording in B says similar words but doesn't seem to place as much emphisis on losing your individuality.
  10. Option B is my favorite. I find the lettering in C a bit hard to read. But they do all look great! Hopefully we can get enough people together so we can order these.
  11. Riley

    DW Items for sale

    Are the starfish hairpins still available?
  12. Great job on the palm tree and starfish logo! That one is my first pick!
  13. I have to check the pic when I get home (can't see it at work) but anything with starfish on it is perfect for me since that is the theme we are going with!!
  14. Yes, I would like in on the cups. I would want 25 if that's ok. I can join in the order as long as we find enough people soon so I make sure to have them before we leave!
  15. I really like the starfish logo!