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Mexican Fiesta

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Hi Everyone,


I haven't been on the forum in awhile. We decided to get married at Villa de la Torre in San Jose. The location is done now I was wondering if anyone has been to a Mexican Fiesta. I was thinking of doing this instead of the actual sit down dinner. We're ready to get our party started a little early. Any help is much appreciated. smile159.gif

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Congratulations on picking a place! Do you have any pics of the villa? It sounds fabulous. I am not 100% sure about the Mexican Fiesta but the few that I have been too have lots of tequila soaked drinks, lots of traditional mexican dishes (yummy) and mariachis. You could probably get some mariachis to play at the villa and have catering buffet style. Also you could get margaritas and pina coladas, etc. I think your wedding sounds so fun!



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Hi Glenda, Tammy, & Cain,


There are some pictures on Earth, Sea, and Sky of the Villa. We are going to have a Mariachi band play and use Denni's catering. We really want to make it fun so I'm just trying to find a Fiesta for a Friday night. The wedding is July 7 so we'll definitely post pictures when we're done because I find all this info on the forum so helpful. I tried doing a search on the site for a Fiesta, but nothing helpful came up. I need help.


Later for now

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